Look out for the 6 hidden costs of renting in Dubai

Dubai Municipality imposes a 5% housing fee on annual rent paid in 12 parts


Aside from your actual rent, there are a number of costs that could ruin your day if you don’t see them coming. Keep in mind the following costs when renting a house in Dubai:

Agency fees

If you are renting a property via a real estate agency or a brokerage firm, you have to pay an extra agency fee. Agency commissions are usually 2 to 5% of the first annual rent, and this is just a standard fee but subjective to change according to the agent’s will.

Ejari fees

Ejari system is a legal contract registration platform by Dubai’s Land Department helping to authenticate rental contracts and agreements between tenants and landlords. The standard fee is AED195, valid for all types of properties.

Housing fee

Dubai Municipality fee is a 5% on annual rent paid in 12 parts (along with every rental payment) and added to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) bills.

Security deposit

It is usually the equivalent of one month’s rent and is refundable when you vacate the property. Some landlords deduct a certain amount from the deposit for repainting the flat and minor repairs.


Besides paying monthly utility fees, you have to pay DEWA deposits when renting a property. The deposit is as follows:

  • Apartment
    2000 AED (deposit – refund on leaving)
    110 AED (connection, non-refundable)
  • Villa
    4000 AED (deposit – refund on leaving)
    110 AED (connection, non-refundable)

District cooling fees

District cooling deposits and connection fees vary according to the provider and size of the property. Checking their websites would help.

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