Your Guide to the Luxury Properties in Dubai

Dubai is extremely famous for the luxurious style it has to offer. Everyone is captivated by the city’s extravagance, especially when you have the chance to enjoy a stay in a luxury property in Dubai that is like no other. 

In this article, you will find all about their types and the best areas to find luxury property for sale in Dubai as well as for rent. 

Types of Luxury Properties in Dubai

The luxury properties in Dubai come in different types like villas, apartments, or townhouses. This gives you a great variety of options to enjoy the lush stay whatever your budget or preference. 

You will find below all the details you need about the different types of luxury properties in Dubai’s real estate market, including the prices, buildings, and sizes.


Luxury Apartments in Dubai 

When it comes to luxury property, Dubai offers a lot of options; the first type on our list is luxurious and elegant apartments. Most people prefer lush apartments because they are lavish as well as convenient. 

Besides, most of Dubai’s apartment buildings come with several perks and services to make your life easier and smoother. So, whether you are looking for a posh studio for yourself or a fancy apartment for your family, you will find it in Dubai. 


Below you will find the average rental prices for luxurious apartments in Dubai

  • Studio: AED 120,000
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 180,000
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 250,000 
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 309,999 
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 535,000 


Buying a luxurious apartment in Dubai is a wonderful and successful investment without a doubt. If you are searching for luxury apartments for sale in Dubai, then you must know that prices also vary depending mainly on the community, number of bedrooms, and finishings. 

Find the average asking price for the most luxurious apartments in Dubai below: 

  • Studio: AED 1,528,615 
  • 1-bedroom apartment: AED 3,200,000 
  • 2-bedroom apartment: AED 5,300,000 
  • 3-bedroom apartment: AED 9,648,800 
  • 4-bedroom apartment: AED 30,233,888.

Top Picks

If you want to buy luxury property in Dubai there are plenty of lavish towers and apartment buildings in Dubai that feature lush apartments for both rent and sale. 

Here are some of the top picks: 

1. SLS Dubai 

SLS Towers provides you with a home that ensures you a unique and one-of-a-kind residential experience. Those towers are home to apartments with exceptional interiors, unexpected elegance, and alluring designs. 

In addition, the goal of its developer is to provide a futuristic luxurious lifestyle for all residents. SLS provides several types of apartments including studios, multi-bedroom apartments, and deluxe apartments. 

The units overlook the undisturbed views of Dubai’s skyline allowing you to enjoy such scenery every day Besides, it includes various services and amenities like swimming pools, a fitness centre, and Spa and wellness centre. 

balcony view


It’s located on Marsi Dr., Business Bay, Dubai.


  • Rent: Starting AED 1,190,000/year 
  • Sale: Starting AED 2,569,261

Contact Details 

+971 (0)4 607 0757

You don’t have to keep searching to find a nice property, just have a look at the apartments for rent in SLS Dubai on Property Finder

2. The V Tower 

When it comes to having a lavish residency, the V Tower developed by Tiger Properties is the way to go. It’s one of the architectural masterpieces in the city thanks to its iconic and contemporary exterior design. 

This tower houses 17 floors of luxurious and elegant furnished studio apartments and multi-bedroom ones. The developer of this luxury property in Dubai’s main target was to provide residents with a carefree luxurious and top-standard lifestyle, and they succeeded at that. 

Moreover, the V Tower has many facilities for its residents’ entertainment, including a play area for kids, a fully equipped gym, and a fancy swimming pool. 


It’s located in Dubai Residential Complex (DRC), Wadi Al Safa 5, Al Ain Road, Dubai. 


Here are the average prices for the properties in V-Tower for rent and sale: 

  • Rent (Studio): Starting AED 495,800
  • Sale: Starting AED 773,300

Contact Details

+971 (0)52 858 1104

Luxury Penthouses in Dubai

Living in a penthouse comes with many perks. Not only do you get the best panoramic view of the city, but you also enjoy exclusive amenities, a private terrace with a swimming pool, and spacious floor plans. 

Moreover, among the best options for luxurious units, penthouses come at the top of the list. 


  • A fully furnished penthouse (782 sqm): AED 4,200,000/yearly. 
  • Full floor Penthouse (586 sqm): AED 2,500,000/yearly. 


Sale prices for penthouses would vary 

  • From AED 1,049,819 to AED 365,000,000. 

Top Picks

Find below the great spots to buy a luxurious penthouse in Dubai. 

1. The Autograph 

In case you’re planning to own a luxurious penthouse, here is one of the top choices. The Autograph offers a selection of fancy and elegant penthouses for sale. 

Those penthouses feature central A/C, a private swimming pool, and several smart and sustainable services. In addition, they’re not furnished so you can customise your new home the way you want. 

Not just that, it’s surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens so that you can enjoy the outdoors too. 


It’s located off Street 11, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.


  • 1-bedroom penthouse: Starting AED 1,127,819 
  • 2-bedroom penthouse: Starting AED 1,835,819

Contact Details 

+971 (0)4 399 5000

2. Le Reve, Dubai Marina

How about an exceptional residential unit with luxurious specs? This sounds ideal. Le Reve is one of the most luxurious and elegant residential buildings in Dubai Marina

It offers you a unique type of penthouse that covers a whole floor in the tower with a separate elevator. Not just that, the unit has smart interiors with a huge balcony and spacious rooms. 

Moreover, the penthouses in Le Reve are designed and furnished to meet the highest standards of luxury and style. You will also enjoy stunning panoramic views of Dubai Eye and Palm Jumeirah from your home. 


It’s located off King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud street, Dubai Marina, Dubai.


  • Rent: Starting AED 1,200,000/year
  • Sale: Starting AED 15,000,000

Contact details 

+971 (0)4 364 5147

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Luxury Villas in Dubai

If you are looking for your own private space, then you must check out the most luxurious villa communities in Dubai. Those communities are peaceful as well as friendly and lively. 

Besides, you will surely find what you are looking for within these luxurious villa communities whatever your demand.



Here are the average rental prices for luxury villas for rent in Dubai categorised based on bedrooms number: 

  • 1-bedroom villa: AED 1,111,111
  • 2-bedroom villa: AED 380,000
  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 412,500


Buying luxury villas in Dubai is a great investment for you as it offers you great stability as well. Here are the average asking prices for lavish villas in Dubai: 

  • 2-bedroom villa: AED 4,224,774
  • 3-bedroom villa: AED 5,200,000
  • 4-bedroom villa: AED 15,500,000 

Top Picks

Here are some of the top picks when it comes to luxury villas in Dubai along with all of the important details: 

1. The Nest, Al Barari Dubai 

This community houses several elegant residential communities including the Nest, Seventh Heaven, Ashjar, and more. Some of these residential communities are for apartments, while others like the Nest offer luxury villas only. 

So, the Nest is your ideal choice if you want to buy a luxury villa in Dubai that has premium designs, chic interiors, and an exquisite living experience. 

This community in Al Barari has distinguished villa designs supported with many services and amenities to ensure you a comfortable and high-quality stay. 

villa garage


It’s located in Al Barari Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, opposite Global Village, Dubai. 


  • Rent: From AED 1,300,000 to AED 4,100,000 (yearly) 
  • Sale: From AED 4,600,000 to AED 31,000,000

Contact Details 

+971 (0)56 821 8111

2. Six Senses Residences

Six Senses Residences is an extremely lavish villa community in Palm Jumeirah and one of the top branded residences in Dubai. The units are partly furnished, featuring maid services, a shared gym, a pool, and a spa. 

Besides, your home here will have direct access to the beach; living in this gem means staying in a villa community with hotel resort standards so look no further! 

In addition, each villa has its own pool, private garden, built-in and walk-in closets, and ceiling-to-floor windows. Units also come with basements and private car parking spots. Everything that boosts your stay is offered at Six Senses Residences. 


It’s located on West Crescent road, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. 


You can own a luxurious villa in Six Senses Residences; have a look below at the average prices. 

  • 4-bedroom villa: Starting AED 3,875,777 
  • 5-bedroom villa: Starting AED 100,000,000

Contact Details

+971 (0)4 428 6161

Luxury Villas in Dubai

3. Verdana, Dubai Investment Park

At Verdana, you will enjoy a community that combines nature with contemporary art is beautifully designed and spacious villas. The units are lavish and meet every high-end lifestyle desire while also maintaining the resident’s privacy. 

Furthermore, the interior design of those villas meets all refined tastes as they have high-quality finishings and an elegant colour palette. 

Every room from the kitchen to the bathroom is designed to meet your desires and needs while offering a luxurious lifestyle. 


It’s located in Dubai Investments Park 1, Dubai Investment Park, Dubai. 


  • 1-bedroom villa: Avg. AED 590,000 
  • 2-bedroom villa: Avg. AED 822,750
  • 3-bedroom villa: Avg. AED 985,000

Contact Details

+971 (0)55 337 0329

If you want to take the next step in finding your new home, have a look at the villas for sale in Verdana on Property Finder.

Luxury Bungalow in Dubai

Last, but surely not least – luxurious bungalows are among the best luxurious property types in Dubai for sale or rent. A bungalow is a one-story house that is considered small in terms of square footage. Basically, bungalows are designed to provide affordable modern houses. 

As usual, Dubai took bungalows to another level and introduced luxurious bungalows to its residents. Scroll down for more details about this interesting type. 

Luxury Bungalow in Dubai


Rent prices for bungalows vary depending on their square footage. However, the average leasing price is 

  • AED 170,000 yearly. 


As for the sale prices for bungalows in Dubai, the range is as follows

  •  From AED 830,000 to AED 64,000,000. 

Top Picks 

Here are some lavish and elegant bungalow communities in Dubai: 

1. Zuha Island

In Dubai, you can still enjoy the Maldives vibes and setting; yes this is at Zuha Island through its bungalows. This gem is your top choice to relish such a unique residency.

Besides, the bungalows at Zuha Island are truly world-class with their designs and interiors. Also, they offer you great facilities and services, such as a private beach club pool, spa, gym, and tennis court. 


It’s located on The World Islands, Dubai.


Asking price starts from AED 830,000

2. Elysian Mansions, Tilal Al Ghaf

Elysian Mansions is a premium community that is inspired by Greek vibes. This ultra-luxurious villa is designed to the highest levels of lavishness, beauty, serenity, and tranquillity

This makes it one of the most desirable communities in Dubai. A bungalow at Elysian Mansions features 24/7 concierge service, internal home elevators, a private jacuzzi, and a gym. 

Get ready for a matchless residency at Elysian Mansions. 


It’s located in Tilal Al Ghaf, Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan street, Dubai. 


The bungalow sale prices in this project start from AED 17,500,000. 

Contact Details

+971 (0)56 415 6565

So, when it comes to luxury property Dubai offers its residents several lavish options. Remember to check out more articles on Property Finder Blog.

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