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Mohsin Rashid of Al Haramain Real Estate is our Ajman Outstanding Agent for August 2018, Mohsin advised his client to invest in two properties when he was only looking to buy one, they sold for a total of AED 700,000.


 Mohsin is a great agent, his dedication makes him deserving of this award. Congratulations.

Sufair Yousaf, Property Finder Account Manager

Q&A with Mohsin Rashid

How long have you been in the industry?
I have been working in Ajman and in the real estate industry for 3 years.

What were you doing before?
I was living in Pakistan and running my own menswear design business, but it was always my dream to work in the UAE.

Which areas do you specialise in?
I specialise in Al Naumiyah and Al Jurff.

Why did you decide to become a real estate agent?
Real Estate has always been my passion and the UAE is the best place to pursue this career.

What makes real estate your passion?
I love it, I am always thinking about how to improve. Making sales make me very happy.

How would you describe the current property market?
There is too much supply and the market has become very competitive, in the last few months especially. When I first started there were many properties available and they were being rented out regularly. Now there is a lot of agents and the rentals and sales are slower. 

Tell me about your big achievement – last month’s massive sale!
This month is my biggest achievement I sold two 2 beds in Rashida tower. They buyer had trust in me, so I advised him that buying two would be a great investment, and so he did.

How do you tailor your approach so you set yourself apart?
I believe transparency is the key to keep and gain your buyers and sellers confidence.

Any words of advice for someone looking to sell their property in Ajman?
If you own a property now is not the time to sell, wait for the market to pick up. I estimate this to be mid 2019.

What’s your favourite vacation you’ve taken since living in the UAE?
I went to Saudi to perform Umrah.

What’s your favourite thing to do on the weekend?
Sleeping and re-energising for the coming week.

If you had 2 million dirhams to invest in real estate, where would you put your money?
I would spend half in UAE on real estate, as there is nowhere else that you can get such a good return on investment. With the other half, I would build a house for myself, in my home country, Pakistan.

If you didn’t work in real estate, what career would you pursue?
I would have become an accountant.

What is the question you are most often asked by property seekers?
Which towers have the cheapest air conditioning for 1 beds in Ajman.

How big of a role does Property Finder play in your job? What specifically do you use Property Finder for?
Property Finder plays a very important role as it provides us with the leads to close deals. It also rewards the agents for their hard work.

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Good luck!

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