Best Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi

It’s time for some outdoor fun since the weather is on point. Abu Dhabi offers you a big variety of activities that suit different preferences. 

In case you’re searching for things to do outside with family or friends, we are ready with this list; you will find a lot of outdoor activities to enjoy in Abu Dhabi. 

Best Outdoor Activities in Abu Dhabi

1. Kayak at Jubail Mangrove Park 

Kayaking is a very exciting activity to try especially when the weather is good. The idea of you being in the middle of the water in a small boat is pretty cool. 

However, at Jubail Mangrove Park you will not only enjoy kayaking but also view the beautiful mangroves closely. No worries about safety as all the precautions are taken to ensure an endless fun time. Come on and give it a try to tick it off your bucket list. 

outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi


It’s located on E12, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nanhyan Highway, Jubail Island, Abu Dhabi. 

Know more about Jubail Island community on Property Finder. You can also have a look at the properties for sale on Jubail Island there in case you want to move to such a prominent area.


It’s for AED 100/person.

Opening Hours 

7 am – 9 pm daily (last entry 8 pm) 

Contact Information

2. Explore Nature at Sir Bani Yas Arabian Wildlife Park

How about going with your friends on a thrilling outdoor activity? This is a perfect idea! Arabian Wildlife Park at Sir Bani Yas Island is where you can have such an unforgettable experience.

It is home to numerous species of wild animals that were about to go extinct but the government made a plan to save them. Now you can go see the free-roaming animals. 

Imagine riding in the car and Barbary Sheep or a Blackbuck Antelope is walking by; it’s super exhilarating that you won’t regret going.

outdoor places in Abu Dhabi


It’s located on Sir Bani Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.


You will meet  

  • Gazelles
  • Arabian Oryx
  • Giraffes
  • Cheetahs. 

3. Play Water Games at Yas WaterWorld Abu Dhabi 

It’s time for some cool splashes while trying some exciting slides at Yas WaterWorld Abu Dhabi; it’s a theme waterpark in Yas Island where you’re provided more than 45 unique slides, rides, and attractions.

You will find speedy and high slides for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Besides, there are others with varying difficulty levels to suit all ages, including ones you can ride with your friends at the same time.

It’s the best activity to do whenever you need to boost your mood, in addition to being one of the top places to visit in Abu Dhabi

best outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi


It’s located in Yas West, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. 

Opening Hours 

  • Saturdays to Wednesdays: 10 am to 6 pm 
  • Thursdays: 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Fridays: 10 am to 7 pm


  • The ticket is for AED 270/person
  • The package offer is for AED 810 (4 adults).

Contact Information

4. Go Karting at Yas Kartzone

We all get impressed by the Formula 1 races, so how about being the racer for a day? This sounds extremely enjoyable. Such a chance is available at Yas Kartzone in Abu Dhabi where you can go karting at its perfectly designed lanes. 

It’s one of the best outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi that you should try. Once you wear the suit and helmet, you will feel the adrenaline rush. Book a day and go with your friends and let the excitement start. 

Karting at Yas Kartzone


It’s located in Yas Marina Circuit, Yas West, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Opening Hours 

4 pm – 12 am daily


The ticket price is 

  • AED 80/junior 
  • AED 120/adult
  • AED 55/kid

Contact Information

+971 (0) 2 497 9000

The fun is limitless at this island as there are many things to do in Yas Island. If you liked this place, you can check the properties for rent on Yas Island on Property Finder to stay close to its distinct attractions. 

5. Try Parasailing 

Have you ever tried parasailing? If you didn’t, then you’re missing a lot. It’s an exhilarating activity where you will have a parachute ride over the sea. It feels like you’re flying in the air.

Besides, you will view the whole skyline of Abu Dhabi from above! It’s suitable for different ages so you can go with your family or friends. No need to worry as all the safety measures are taken to enjoy your time. 

outdoor things to do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Parasail Location

It’s located on Corniche Road, Al Hisn, Abu Dhabi.

Opening Hours 

10 am – 5 pm daily


  • AED 200 for single 
  • AED 300 for double
  • AED 350 for triple

Contact Information

6. Hike Jebel Hafeet 

One of the most exciting outdoor activities is hiking; you will explore the beauty of the mountains. Abu Dhabi’s nature makes it more special than any other location as it’s home to unique mountain terrain and deserts like Jebel Hafeet.

You can go on such an activity on a weekend morning with friends; prepare a backpack, powerbank, comfortable sneakers, and a large bottle of water for an ideal hiking experience. 

desert activities Abu Dhabi


Jebel Hafeet Park is located on 137th street, Mazyad, Jebel Hafeet, Abu Dhabi.

Opening Hours 

8 am – 6 pm daily


It’s for AED 10/adult and AED 5/kid

Contact Information 

+971 (​​0)3 711 8362

7. Experience Flyboarding 

Have you ever thought of walking or flying without a parachute on the water surface? It’s not a joke but a super exhilarating activity called Flyboarding. 

You will stand on a board which is connected to a machine, giving the flyboard a push through water and air. It’s not scary at all; on the contrary, it’s exciting. 

It doesn’t matter whether you can swim or not as you’ll be wearing a life jacket for extra safety. Go enjoy a fly over the sea to blast your instagram with memorable photos.

Flyboarding in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Marine Location 

It’s located in Abu Dhabi Marina Area, opposite Marina Mall, Break Water. 


It starts from AED 300/person for 30 minutes.

Opening Hours 

8 am – 3 pm daily 

Contact Information

+971 (0)2 681 5222

8. Enjoy Desert Safari 

When in Abu Dhabi, desert activities and safari are a must. It’s a distinct experience full of excitement and enjoyment while exploring the desert’s beauty. You will enjoy numerous thrilling activities. 

You can even go on an overnight safari, in case you want to make it extra adventurous. Be ready for an exceptional day full of adrenaline rush and fun. 

Don’t forget to capture some videos to share them with your friends on social media.  

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Trip Arabian Travel and Tourism Location

It’s located behind Madinat Zayed Shopping Center, Al Marafi Street, Abu Dhabi. They have the best safari tours, quad biking, and even horse riding packages. They offer you the best experience with their professional team. 


Desert Safari starts from AED 100/person.

Opening Hours 

9 am – 6 pm daily, except Fridays 

Contact Information 

9. Try Quad Biking 

How about touring in the desert but not with a car? This sounds interesting; what we’re talking about is the Quad bike. It’s like a motorcycle but with special wheels to easily ride in the desert. 

Don’t worry in case you haven’t tried a motorcycle before as Quad biking is much easier and doesn’t require a professional rider; it just needs an adventure lover. 

Quad Biking


Quad biking starts from AED 370/person at Trip Arabian Travel and Tourism.

10. Ride a Horse 

Nothing beats the feeling of riding a horse. You feel free and excited while the air touches your face. It’s among the top activities to relish in the capital of the UAE.

Feel the Arabian vibe while enjoying the desert views while you’re on the back of this beautiful animal. Moreover, it’s also suitable for kids, so you can take your little ones to experience this; they will surely be impressed. 


Horse riding starts from AED 450/person at Trip Arabian Travel and Tourism.

Horseback riding

11. Go Sandboarding 

We all love riding the slides, but what if the slide is a sand hill? This seems super fantastic. Sandboarding is a cool desert activity which you can try with friends. You will sit on a board and push yourself to slide over the hill. 

It’s so fun and full of amusement. Call your bestie and go enjoy a new activity together. 

Sandboarding in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Location

It’s located on the Mezzanine floor, Khalidiya Tower, Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi. 


It starts from AED 450/person.

Opening Hours 

8 am – 6 pm

Contact Information 

+971 (0)55 484 2001

12. Camp at Arabian Nights Village 

How about taking a break from the city for a couple of days? None can resist such an idea; camping at Arabian Nights Village is the best gateway to enjoy the calmness and charm of the desert away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

This hotel features high quality services and various amenities, in addition to different entertainment activities to relish your time to the max. 

You will witness the best sunrise ever, while the sun appears from the middle of the dunes. Not just that, at night you will see hundreds of shining stars, leaving you speechless of such beauty.

Arabian Nights Village


It’s located on Arabian Nights Village road, Al Mshayrif, Abu Dhabi. 


One night is for AED 990/person.

Contact Information 

+971 (0)2 207 8989 

13. Enjoy a Boat Ride

Relishing the breeze is always a mood booster, but it’s much better when you’re on a boat. Going on a boat ride is a good outdoor activity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take awesome pictures.  

On your weekend, wear a comfortable outfit and go on a morning boat ride to have a relaxing day like never before. 

Boat Ride in Abu Dhabi

The Yellow Boats Location 

  • Corniche Tour: It’s located in Emirates Palace Marina, Al Ras Al Akhdar, Abu Dhabi. 
  • Yas Tour: It’s located at Yas Marina, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. 


  • Yas Tour (75 minutes for 9 sights): AED 220/adult and AED 180/kid
  • Corniche Tour (60 minutes for 4 sights): AED 210/adult and AED 175/kid
  • Corniche and Maya Island Tour (1 hour for 9 sights): AED 300/adult and AED 225/kid

Contact Information 

  • 800 892
  • +971 (0)55 995 0153

14. Go Dune Bashing 

Dune bashing is one of the most exciting things to do in Abu Dhabi. You will ride a 4×4 car with a professional driver to go through the desert hills at a high speed. It’s a fascinating one especially through Abu Dhabi’s charming dunes. 

You will feel the adrenaline rush like never before. A small tip: don’t miss the front seat for extra thrill and enjoyment.

Dune Bashing

Nuzhath Ideas Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Location 

It’s located at office no. 284, near Marina Mall, Al Marsa St., Abu Dhabi. 


It starts from AED 1000/person for 45 minutes.

Contact Information 

+971 (0)50 966 0720 

15. Visit Al Ain Oasis 

If you haven’t visited Al Ain Oasis before, you’re missing a lot of fun. It’s one of the top attractions in Abu Dhabi since it’s recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

You will walk among its amazing tall palms and lush greenery where different kinds of fruits are planted like dates, mango, and orange. 

You can enjoy this place through strolling between the stunning views or cycling among the shaded lanes to enjoy its distinct atmosphere. 

Al Ain Oasis 


  • Al Ain Oasis is located in the Central district, near Al Ain Palace Museum, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. 
  • Leisure Al Ain Tourism is located in Central district, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi.

Opening Hours

8 am – 6:30 pm daily


It starts from AED 20/adult and AED 10/kid.

Contact Information

 +971 (0)50 214 4088

16. Tour Liwa Fort 

On the list of the top outdoor activities in Abu Dhabi, surely having a tour at Liwa Fort should be included. It’s a notable historic attraction in the emirate which you won’t regret visiting. 

They are two forts that were built 100 years ago with a unique architectural design. In addition, these forts are nestled among vast green palms and trees, making the view from their top mesmerizing. 

Liwa Fort


  • Liwa Fort is located at the northern side of Liwa Oasis, Abu Dhabi.
  • Rub Al Khali Desert Tourism is located in Zayed city, Abu Dhabi.


Liwa Tours prices start from AED 990/adult and AED 525/kid.

Opening Hours 

 7 am – 10 pm daily 

Contact Information 

  • +971 (0)56 222 8286
  • +971 (0)50 6289 667

Abu Dhabi features various interesting and cool outdoor activities so leave your cozy sofa and enjoy the outside. Have a look at the best outdoor activities in Dubai as well for extra fun and entertainment. 

Besides, you should consider staying in Abu Dhabi to enjoy those numerous activities and things to do outdoors; check out the available properties for rent in Abu Dhabi on Property Finder. 

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