Each Prayer Time in Dubai for September 2023

Knowing the daily prayer time in Dubai and how it changes is crucial for Muslims that reside in this city. Prayer time Dubai today differs for each of the 5 daily prayers when we compare it with every month of the year. 

Each Prayer Time Dubai Column

Prayer Time Dubai

The following table is specified for Islamic prayer times. Take a look at each for September 2023 for the 5 daily prayers including Fajr time and Maghrib time in Dubai:

01 September 2023Friday4:40 AM5:56 AM12:22 PM3:49 PM6:41 PM7:57 PM
02 September 2023Saturday4:41 AM5:57 AM12:21 PM3:49 PM6:40 PM7:56 PM
03 September 2023Sunday4:41 AM5:57 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:39 PM7:55 PM
04 September 2023Monday4:42 AM5:57 AM12:21 PM3:48 PM6:38 PM7:54 PM
05 September 2023Tuesday4:42 AM5:58 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:37 PM7:52 PM
06 September 2023Wednesday4:43 AM5:58 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:36 PM7:51 PM
07 September 2023Thursday4:43 AM5:58 AM12:20 PM3:47 PM6:35 PM7:50 PM
08 September 2023Friday4:44 AM5:59 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:34 PM7:49 PM
09 September 2023Saturday4:44 AM5:59 AM12:19 PM3:46 PM6:33 PM7:48 PM
10 September 2023Sunday4:45 AM6:00 AM12:19 PM3:45 PM6:32 PM7:47 PM
11 September 2023Monday4:45 AM6:00 AM12:18 PM3:45 PM6:31 PM7:45 PM
12 September 2023Tuesday4:46 AM6:00 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:30 PM7:44 PM
13 September 2023Wednesday4:46 AM6:01 AM12:18 PM3:44 PM6:29 PM7:43 PM
14 September 2023Thursday4:47 AM6:01 AM12:17 PM3:43 PM6:28 PM7:42 PM
15 September 2023Friday4:47 AM6:01 AM12:17 PM3:43 PM6:27 PM7:41 PM
16 September 2023Saturday4:48 AM6:02 AM12:17 PM3:42 PM6:25 PM7:40 PM
17 September 2023Sunday4:48 AM6:02 AM12:16 PM3:42 PM6:24 PM7:38 PM
18 September 2023Monday4:48 AM6:02 AM12:16 PM3:41 PM6:23 PM7:37 PM
19 September 2023Tuesday4:49 AM6:03 AM12:15 PM3:41 PM6:22 PM7:36 PM
20 September 2023Wednesday4:49 AM6:03 AM12:15 PM3:40 PM6:21 PM7:35 PM
21 September 2023Thursday4:50 AM6:04 AM12:15 PM3:39 PM6:20 PM7:34 PM
22 September 2023Friday4:50 AM6:04 AM12:14 PM3:39 PM6:19 PM7:33 PM
23 September 2023Saturday4:51 AM6:04 AM12:14 PM3:38 PM6:18 PM7:32 PM
24 September 2023Sunday4:51 AM6:05 AM12:14 PM3:38 PM6:17 PM7:30 PM
25 September 2023Monday4:51 AM6:05 AM12:13 PM3:37 PM6:16 PM7:29 PM
26 September 2023Tuesday4:52 AM6:05 AM12:13 PM3:36 PM6:15 PM7:28 PM
27 September 2023Wednesday4:52 AM6:06 AM12:13 PM3:36 PM6:14 PM7:27 PM
28 September 2023Thursday4:53 AM6:06 AM12:12 PM3:35 PM6:12 PM7:26 PM
29 September 2023Friday4:53 AM6:07 AM12:12 PM3:35 PM6:11 PM7:25 PM
30 September 2023Saturday4:54 AM6:07 AM12:12 PM3:34 PM6:10 PM7:24 PM

Prayer Times in Dubai 

You can find prayer time Dubai today on the table we shared with you earlier. But if you want to know more detailed information, we’ll explain to you a little bit about each:

Fajr Prayer Time Dubai

When it comes to Fajr prayer, it’s forbidden to pray while the sun rises. It must be performed at its time. Its time in Dubai between 4:40 and 4:54 AM. 


Dhuhr prayer is at noon. And there are differences at Dhuhr prayers on Fridays as we will explain all about it afterwards. The prayer call is between 12:22 and 12:12 PM. 

Asr Prayer Time Dubai


The afternoon prayer is the middle prayer of the day. Also, it’s preferable for the Muslim to pray before sunset unless they are excused. The time prayer for Asr is between 3:49 PM – 3:34 PM. 

Maghrib Prayer Time Dubai

When the sun sets, you hear a Maghrib prayer call from the mosque right before dark. If you are wondering why it’s called “Maghrib,” then you should know that this Arabic word translates to “sunset.” In other words, when the sun’s light dims right before night. Maghrib prayer time is between 6:41 PM – 6:10 PM.

Isha Prayer Time Dubai

When it’s completely dark and we can finally see the black sky, Isha Azan starts calling. It’s the final prayer of the day, and it’s between 7:57 PM and 7:24 PM. 

Juma Prayer Time Dubai

Juma prayer time is always at noon (with Dhur). It is not obligatory for women, children, travellers, or sick people suffering from unbearable hardship to join the Juma prayer. But it is an essential commitment for others to attend it and escort their elder children if possible. However, if they couldn’t due to any reason, they should pray at noon (Dhuhr prayer). 

Islamic prey

A group must attend Juma Prayer as it is not valid for a singular individual alone, and the minimum group is three. The time of the prayer starts with two calls for prayer from the mosque (Azan). Then the Friday sermons (Friday Khutbah) starts, then pray two bows (rak’ahs) with the Imam. 

We presented a full guide about each prayer time in Dubai for September 2023. If you want to discover more about Islamic mosques. You can read about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and 5 beautiful mosques in Dubai to visit this Eid. In addition to other articles on Property Finder blog. 

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