Property Finder’s new app empowers agents to improve buyers, renters and sellers’ property experience

Lead Tracker offers agents real-time access to their enquiries, transaction data and custom property reports while on the go.

Property Finder’s new agent’s app Lead Tracker – is set to disrupt the way agents interact with consumers and empower them in providing an excellent property buying and selling experience.

Research conducted by the product team at Property Finder has shown that for most consumers, their biggest pain point during the property journey is not being able to reach agents and when they do, having trouble finding an affordable property matching their requirements. For real estate agents, it is the fear of missing out on enquiries.

Think of the number of times you phoned an agent and didn’t get a call back. Or you had a conversation with an agent who then sent you properties that are not relevant to you, out of your budget or in an area you are not interested in. Most of the time, this was due to agents struggling to manage all the inbound enquiries they get from property portals.

With Lead Tracker, agents are able to easily manage clients, enabling them to focus on delivering an excellent service from wherever they happen to be. We are committed to empowering agents to provide the best possible property search experience to consumers, and this app plays a key role in that mission.

Alex Miauton, Chief Product Officer at Property Finder

Additionally a big pain point for consumers is lack of transparency on property prices. Am I paying too much? Is my listing priced competitively? Lead Tracker allows agents to give more informative and evidence-backed pricing advice to their clients – whether they are sellers, buyers, investors or renters. Indeed, having the Price Finder feature available in the app means agents can compare asking and actual transaction prices on the spot when meeting their clients for any community, or even building, in Dubai. 

Most of the time, sellers don’t have a solid ground on which they can define the right selling price. With Lead Tracker and Price Finder, they can now base their selling price on accurate trends directly sourced from government transactions.

“A client might think his property is worth one million dirhams, but the actual market trend is AED 800,000,” explained Akhil Junani, Vice President at Raine and Horne. “I am using reports from Price Finder because they use government transaction data to help us explain to clients what is realistic so they can make the right decision.”

In less than two months, 20% of real estate professionals adopted Lead Tracker, indicating the app is clearly filling a gap in the market in terms of helping agents provide the best possible property search experience to consumers, while on the move.

Ryan Hudson, Assistant Branch Manager at Allsopp and Allsopp comments:

Lead Tracker is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever come across. It’s great when you are having a busy day, got a lot of meetings and calls, you can go to the app and keep track of all the details. It helps you keep on top of your work and provide the best service to your clients.

Lead Tracker is free for all agents advertising with Property Finder and it’s now available on iOS and Android.


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