Now available in Abu Dhabi: Setting the industry standard with Verified Listings

For over a decade, Propertyfinder has been committed to building a trustworthy real estate marketplace, where property seekers are protected from fake listings and fraudulent advertisers. One way we achieve that is through our Verified Listings offering.

We are delighted to announce that we are extending the Verified Listings service to Abu Dhabi. Successfully rolled out in Dubai in 2015, we have Verified over 140,000 properties on our portal so far. is the only online real estate portal in the UAE to set such an industry benchmark.


Creating new milestones and striving for innovation and excellence defines The release of Verified Listings stands testimony to our core promise of serving the consumer and, most importantly, raising the standard of the industry so property investment becomes a smooth process. We are proud that our vision and technology is successfully setting industry benchmarks – Michael Lahyani, CEO at

What are Verified Listings?

Verified Listings are property listings that have had full authenticity documentation checked and approved by a dedicated team at Propertyfinder to avoid any misinformation when it comes to the unit’s price, area, and availability. follows meticulous data collection to ensure accurate Verification of listings. Those listings win more quality points and get displayed on top of the search result page with a stamp as Verified. 

The Verified Listing logo appears in the top right corner of the listing:

What does this mean to you?

As a Consumer

Verified Listings

Verified Listings help consumers by ensuring the listings they are viewing are authentic and available, making for a faster and easier home-seeking experience. Driving greater accountability among brokers, and ensuring they adhere to the industry’s laws and regulations, keeps consumers’ interests and rights a priority. 

As an Agent

By investing additional resources, Propertyfinder ensures that agents have the proper authority to market properties that appear on Agents and brokers who choose to follow the Verification process will drive more leads to their properties, keeping both real estate pros and their clients happy.

Talking about the impact of Verified Listings, Lukman Hajje, CCO at said:

Extending Verified Listings to Abu Dhabi is the next step towards our ultimate goal of full market transparency and another example of gently encouraging better practice and raising the bar for the good of both consumers and agents.

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