Renting in UAE: Short-term Rentals Vs. Long-term Rentals

Do you know that you have different options when it comes to renting in the UAE? Yes, in this awesome country, you can choose between short-term rentals and long-term ones. 

You are surely now wondering about the differences between them, their pros and cons, and more. This guide has all the answers to your inquiries about renting options in UAE.

It includes all the details you need to make the best decision regarding your residency.

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1. Why Is Renting a Good Option in the UAE? 

Renting in the UAE is a highly chosen option by the majority of the expats in the country who are seeking better job opportunities or good living standards. 

This option is more practical than buying a unit as you can customize all the aspects related to your home with no limitations. Check below some perks of renting in UAE. 

  • You have the flexibility to change the type of your unit whether for a more spacious property or a small cozy one
  • You can change your living location whenever you want
  • It’s easy to relocate if your work location has changed
  • You can choose the specific unit that fits your budget.

2. What Are the Renting Options in UAE?

In the UAE, you are offered two types of renting, from which you can choose according to your preference. 

  • Short-term rental
  • Long-term rental.
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3. What Is the Difference Between Short-term and Long-term Rentals in UAE?

There are various differences between short-term and long-term rentals in the UAE. To have a more detailed overview of them check below the differences between both types. 


  • It’s valid for a short period of time less than 1 year
  • Its utility charges are included in the rental amount
  • It could be daily, weekly, or monthly
  • It includes hotel apartments and holiday homes. 


  • It’s valid for a long period of time more than 1 year
  • The contract should be authorized by a governmental authority 
  • It has two payment options, either one single cheque or multiple cheques
  • The utility bills range from AED 500 to AED 600 (it varies according to each emirate) 

4. How Is the Long-term Rental Fee Paid in UAE?

In the UAE, long-term rentals are usually paid in one single cheque; however, you can still go for the multiple-cheque option if it suits you more. Through the single cheque option, you have to pay the total rental amount for a year in advance. 

Moreover, in case this option doesn’t suit your budget, recently landlords have offered multiple (quarterly) payment options, which is more practical for many people. 

Besides, you won’t have to pay all the initial payments at a time as they will be divided. Although, this option might be more expensive than the single payment one. 

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5. What Are the Pros and Cons of Short-term Rentals in UAE?

Short-term rentals in UAE are surely a good option yet they might have some cons. To easily decide, you should know the pros and cons of it to find out whether it suits you or not. 


  • Flexibility. It gives you more flexibility as you can frequently change your location or type of unit whenever you want, as you’re not committed to a long-term contract.
  • Hassle-Free. It’s fully furnished so you won’t go through the furnishing process
  • Practical. There is an option to rent a room in a house which is super budget-friendly 
  • No Extra Fee. You won’t pay overhead. 


  • More Pricey. It’s more expensive than the long-term ones
  • Home Sharing. In case of room sharing, it lakes some privacy 
  • Few Options. The unit options might be limited.
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6. What Are the Pros and Cons of Long-term Rentals in UAE?

Many expats in UAE go for long-term rentals as it has various advantages that meet their demands. To find out if it suits you or not, have a look below at the long-term rental advantages and disadvantages 


  • Stability. It’s a more stable option regarding the financial and living arrangements
  • No Sudden Increase. The annual rentals are not subjected to the sudden rise in rental prices which makes your dues well estimated. 
  • Privacy. It offers you the privacy and comfort which your need to call the house a home 
  • Customized Residency. You can customize your unit with the furnishings and decorations you prefer 
  • Secure. There is no sudden evacuation which is according to the UAE laws.


  • No Flexibility. It’s hard to change your home frequently as you’re committed to the leasing period
  • Extra Fees. There’s an overhead cost that increases the total fee of renting
  • Moving Process. The units are not furnished so you will go through the moving and filling process.

7. Is it Better to Choose Short-term or Long-term Rental? 

It’s the usual question that will pop into your mind after knowing about the two types of rentals which are available in UAE. Actually, there is no better option than another, it’s all about the one that fits your needs and case. 

In addition, short-term rental may seem the cheapest renting option in UAE in terms of the amount of fee needed in advance; however, you have to decide according to your demands to pick the sustainable choice. 

To help you decide, find below in which cases each type is more suitable 

Short Term

  • Tourists who don’t want to stay in a hotel
  • In case you’re coming to the UAE for a long visit and seeking a home-like stay
  • For those whose work location frequently changes 
  • For expats whose budgets won’t fit the initial payment of the long-term rentals

Long Term

  • In case you decide to relocate to the UAE
  • If you got a job opportunity in the country and seeking a permanent stay

If you’re going to stay in Dubai, you can check out this guide about the additional costs of renting a property in Dubai on Property Finder. 

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8. What Are the Types of Units Available for Each Renting Type?

You’re not limited to a few options when it comes to the types of units in the UAE either for short-term rentals or long-term ones. Whether you’re traveling on your own, newlyweds, or even a big family, there is an option for everyone. 

Here are the unit options for each type:

Short Term 

  • Hotels
  • Hotel apartments 
  • Studios 
  • Villas 

If you’re seeking a hotel-like stay but with more privacy and customization, check the hotel apartments for rent in UAE on Property Finder for endless awesome options. 

Long Term 

  • Studios 
  • Apartments 
  • Townhouses 
  • Penthouses 
  • Villas

No need for a long search process, as there are endless unit options for rent in UAE on Property Finder with just one click. You will surely find a nice home at whatever emirate or location you want. 

Renting in UAE: Short-term Rentals Vs. Long-term Rentals

Having two renting options in UAE is surely a great perk as you’re not limited to one option. Whatever your preference or circumstances, one of them will surely suit you. 

If you are planning to relocate to the country, then you should also know about the residency visa and Emirates ID

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