21 Hacks for Small Balcony Design

Small balcony decoration ideas

Your small balcony can easily turn into your go-to storage destination at home as time goes by. We’re all guilty of that at some point, right? It’s a shame though because no matter the size of your balcony, it can be your ultimate comfort zone when designed just right.

Don’t be dismayed by the small size of your balcony. You’ll find out right here that a mini balcony design is quite simple and brings whole new meanings to the word creative! Let’s dig in to find out the best small balcony decoration ideas and hacks:

1. Use Decking Boards for Elegant Flooring

Have you been looking for balcony makeover ideas and you just couldn’t get past your floor? Creating a floor to your small balcony doesn’t have to be a hassle! You can actually do it yourself using outdoor decking floors.

This is one of our favorite IKEA small balcony ideas and hacks. You can opt for the classic wooden ones in different colours or artificial grass decks for a garden feel. If you’re feeling extra creative, mix and match for a cool look.

decking floor for small balcony

You can check IKEA’s online store to choose the ones you like.

2. Create a Library on the Wall

You don’t have to get bulky floor bookshelves for your favorite book collection. Your tiny balcony design that you’ve come to see as a burden has a lovely wall you can turn into a mini-library.

All you have to do is install a few shelves from top to bottom and you’re good to go! Make sure you make use of every inch on that wall and maybe add some plants in between.

Reading in small balcony

Home Centre and IKEA both offer a ton of amazing shelves to choose from. You can even assemble them yourself.

3. Keep Rocking on

We all remember how amazing it felt when we were kids to get on a rocking chair and keep moving until we felt dizzy! Considering adding a rocking chair to your small balcony design ideas is so worth it. Trust us on this one. Add a pillow and you’ll find yourself sleeping like a baby on the rocking chair every night.

Rocking chair in small balcony

Rocking and gliding chairs are available at IKEA.

4. Don’t Forget Your Storage Area

One of the most space-saving hacks is storage furniture, and they come in many sizes to fit your particular balcony. Thinking about small balcony furniture ideas while keeping in mind everyday usage and storage spaces is a gift you’ll be thanking yourself for later. Think storage bench or hollow table on wheels.

Storage bench in small balcony

IKEA offers a range of storage furniture to your heart’s content.

5. Build a Coffee Corner

Now here’s a modern balcony idea with a twist. Coffee lovers don’t really have to keep going back and forth from the balcony to the kitchen every time they crave a cup of coffee, do they? Absolutely not! The answer is building a small coffee corner that complements the small balcony. The aroma will certainly help with the mood too. You could also double it as a tea corner for variety.

Coffee corner in small balcony

6. Go All-in with the Lighting

If you’re one for bold and daring, this cool balcony idea is for you. The beauty of any balcony during the day is natural lighting, but you have to consider lighting after dark too. With such a small space, you don’t have to include floor lamps that take a lot of space; focus on the ceiling.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with a huge pendant light that grabs the attention of anyone who walks into your super-stylish balcony.

Lighting in small balcony

IKEA has all the answers, don’t they? Don’t forget to check their pendant collection for your small balcony.

7. Hang Flower Beds on the Outside

Flower beds are extremely pretty to look at. If you like the way they look and don’t really have enough space for them inside the balcony, you can always hang them on the outside. Now you won’t be the only one to enjoy them!

flower beds in small balcony

8. Design a Laundry Room

This is a really simple balcony design idea for a small house. If you have a small balcony that is not located on the front of your house and directly connects to the bathroom or kitchen, you can easily use it as a laundry area. 

Get creative with ways you can install hangers from the walls and also storage spaces above your washing machine. You may even consider a folding station. All of which can be found at IKEA.

Use a foldable chair for when you’re reading a magazine waiting for a round to finish. You can also add some decorative items like plants and small vases to complete the look and create a fun time out of laundry day!

small balcony laundry room

9. Make Your Own Breakfast Area

You can find endless small kitchen balcony ideas for what to add to a breakfast area from IKEA. Imagine having shelves with your dry ingredients like oats, cereals, and spices on hand. You can add a mini-fridge for your cheese or vegetables and an omelet station with a portable burner.  

Add a few utensils and plates to the mix and don’t forget to have a foldable table with tiny chairs to sit back and enjoy the view as you have a hearty breakfast. Portable trolleys will come in handy here for storage. This idea does work well if your balcony connects directly to the kitchen, but it’s totally doable otherwise too.

breakfast in small balcony

10.  Harvest Your Own Herbs

Ever wanted to harvest basil or peppermint leaves? Now is your chance. If your small balcony has access to sufficient amounts of sunlight, you can easily turn it into your little herb garden. Harvesting your own fresh herbs is one of the best balcony ideas to consider.

You can also use storage shelves to accommodate the plant pots and the idea is to position them in strategic places in regards to the sun’s direction. How’s that for small balcony inspiration?

garden in small balcony

11. Turn It into a Gaming Area

Do you and your family spend a lot of time playing board games and making puzzles? Your small balcony can serve as your go-to gaming hang-out spot! Here’s your hack: Look for customizable furniture with storage underneath that spreads around the entire area of your balcony. 

You can fill the hidden storage space with as many games as you want. Spread a bunch of colorful pillows on it for a unique look and don’t forget a table in the middle for the games. It is better to use a foldable table.

Gaming area in small balcony

You can surely find the right furniture for that purpose from IKEA, Home Centre, or Homes R Us.

12. Choose Privacy with Your Very Own Workspace

Turning your balcony into a workspace is one of the most popular small enclosed balcony ideas. If you’re working from home, it’s time to make the best use out of your space at home starting with your balcony. 

A desk with a built-in vertical shelf unit will do wonders for your laptop and other essential items you need available in front of you. You can also add a drawers unit behind you for extra storage.

Small balcony workspace

Find the right desk for your balcony at IKEA or Home Centre.

13. Hang a Hammock for Much-Needed Beach Vibes

What is the ultimate solution to balcony design for small spaces? The answer to that is simply one word: Hammock! Don’t we all fight over who gets to relax on the hammocks by the beach? Well, it’s time to bring it over to your really cool balcony. Mix it with a few of your favorite pillows, a colorful throw, and a thrilling book; then you’re good to go.

small balcony hammock

You can check Nature and Beyond International in Dubai for a collection of hammocks you will not be able to resist.

14. Get Lots and Lots of Cushions

This hack is the coziest of them all! And it’s one of the easy-to-do small balcony ideas on a budget. The first thing you need to do is spread thick rectangular cushions on the floor of your balcony and you can basically do whatever comes to mind after that. 

You can install your TV in the corner wall of the balcony and get ready for awesome Netflix nights. Don’t forget a light quilt for those chilly nights, and of course popcorn!

cushions in small balcony

There is no end to the possibilities when to comes to places to find colorful cushions of all sizes. Check IKEA, Home Centre, and Homes R Us just to get started.

15. Decorate It with Plants

Ever dream about having your very own garden? You don’t have to own an outdoor space to do that. There are a lot of ways to go here when thinking about garden ideas for a small balcony. You can create a screen of bamboos for some privacy if your neighbour’s balcony is close by. 

And for a simpler option, just fill up your balcony shelves with various types of plants and colorful flowers. Decorating your small balcony with plants may just transfer it into your favorite spot in the apartment.

Small balcony plants

16. Transform It into a Kids Play Area

If you’re tired of having the kids turn the living room upside down everytime they play, this one’s for you. This is a great idea for an indoor balcony. Pad the floor with artificial grass and transfer their endless toys there. They will not want to leave! Create pockets and shelves on the balcony wall for storage.

kids area small balcony

17. Dine in Your Balcony

It’s always a good idea to create a mini-dining area in your balcony. There’s a range of outdoor furniture to choose from to satisfy this purpose. A couple of tiny chairs and a small table in the middle will do the trick. Whether you’re having breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or even a quick snack in between, you will enjoy the meal in the midst of some fresh air.

small balcony dining

18. Add a Patterned Rug

Rugs are a great way to turn things up a notch to your small balcony interior design journey. There are various fun sizes and materials to choose from as per your needs. A small round flat-woven rug under your balcony table will magically transform the entire look. Another favorite is an irregular-shaped rug in the center of the balcony for a bold outlook with cushions in the corner.

rug in small balcony

Carpet Centre and Home Centre offer patterned rugs to die for.

19. Invest in a Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are one of those innovative balcony ideas that will solve a bunch of your problems in one go. If your balcony has that one side of the wall that’s long enough to accommodate the length of a small couch, opt for a sofa bed instead. 

Complete the design with foldable chairs and a foldable table to get a dining feel. Your choice will be amazing for those nights where you just want to sit and enjoy a meal. On the other hand, sometimes we just want to lie down and enjoy a movie. All you have to do is remove the rest of the furniture to the corner of the balcony and open the bed. With your laptop in hand and maybe a starry night above, you won’t regret it.

small balcony sofa bed

Sofa beds can be found aplenty at IKEA.

20. Throw in a Bean Bag, or Two

Bean bags make everything better; don’t you agree? They come in fun colors and some of them are shaped like big cozy chairs too. You can pick the ones you love with matching poufs for your legs and you’ll have a hard time going anywhere else in the house. 

La-Z-Boys are not a bad alternative either as an idea for a cozy small balcony design if you have just enough space for it as it’s quite larger than a bean bag.

beans bags in small balcony

You can check Carrefour for an affordable variety of colorful bean bags.

21. Transform It into a Craft Studio

This one is definitely out of the creative balcony ideas playbook for the artists out there. If you have no place in your home for your arts and crafts, why not transform your tiny balcony into a home studio? Your comfort zone awaits. You can even paint the walls yourself and draw on them to make it completely your own. 

Install storage shelves on the walls and drawer units for your yarn or art supplies. On the other end of the balcony design a small workspace to have those creative ideas flowing in peace.

crafts in small balcony

There you have it. Property Finder has gathered for you the best ideas to decorate a small balcony. It’s time to get started and creatively make use of every inch in your small balcony.

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