Snow Abu Dhabi: Where the Magic of Winter Begins

Are you ready for awesome news? The capital of the UAE will be home to the largest snow city in the world, Snow Abu Dhabi. It’s the ultimate destination that you deserve. 

Snow Abu Dhabi is where fun is endless and the level of excitement is at the peak! Get ready to explore Snow Abu Dhabi with the enchanted-forest theme. You’ll play, slide, lay, jump, and climb all in the snow! 

Snow Abu Dhabi


It’s located in Reem Mall, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. 

Ticket Price 

Snow Park Abu Dhabi ticket prices haven’t been revealed yet. 

Opening Date 

Snow Abu Dhabi’s opening date is by the end of 2020. 

Experience Real Excitement

This marvelous snow park in Reem Mall Abu Dhabi includes different exciting spots. It’ll include various snow games and activities to have an unforgettable experience. 

You will enjoy all the winter fun activities in this huge park; nothing is missed! Check below to know more about the awesome zones of Snow Abu Dhabi:

Snow park Abu Dhabi
  • Snowflake Garden

It’s a white snow garden; can you imagine how beautiful it looks? At this stunning garden, you can play, making snowballs to start fun fights with friends! 

Not just that, you can also lay on the ground to make the snow angel. This is a must-do thing while you’re in the snow; don’t forget to take a photo of it!

Finally, you and your friends surely won’t miss making a huge snowman; just don’t forget to bring the carrot for his nose!

snow world Abu Dhabi
  • Flurries’ Mountain

Have you ever climbed a snow mountain? It’s time then! You can climb the Flurries’ Mountain at Abu Dhabi’s new snow park which is totally covered in snow. 

This will lead you to the central attraction of the park which is The Enchanted Tree! 

Reem Mall Abu Dhabi snow park
  • The Enchanted Tree

We have always seen the big tree with tall branches in movies that looks like a magical one. At Snow Park Abu Dhabi, they brought it to reality, calling it the Enchanted Tree. 

It’s a high chunk made of timber where you can enjoy various activities that will take place there. 

Besides, the view from the top is unbelievable; you’ll see the whole snow city with beauty that will amaze you! 

Abu Dhabi new snow park
  • Crystal Carousel

How about riding the Crystal Carousel that features winter forest animals? It sounds like a cool idea! Seeing those friendly creatures even if they’re not real completes the winter vibe! 

Let your inner child lead, and catch the chance of riding this wonderful Crystal Carousel! 

  • Blizzard’s Bazaar

After spending a great time, you can create a memory of this awesome park from Blizzard’s Bazaar.

You can buy postcards with cheerful photos on them, clothing-hats for the cold weather, and numerous kinds of souvenirs from this charming shop.  

You will enjoy many games and activities with all your loved ones there. Are you ready to start exploring the largest snow city, Snow Abu Dhabi, in the world? Let the snow thrill begin! 

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