All You Need to Know About Tasdeeq in Ajman

Deciding to live in a beautiful emirate like Ajman is a thing you will never regret. One of the comforting services there is Tasdeeq; it’s related to the authentication of the tenancy contracts according to the rules in Ajman. 

Through this article we will answer all the questions that might pop to your mind regarding this topic; just scroll down. 

Tasdeeq Ajman

1. What Is Tasdeeq in Ajman?

Tasdeeq is a service related to the authentication of rental contracts in Ajman for various purposes. This system is made to make your life much easier and to avoid any disputes between landlords and tenants.  

If you want to document a rent contract for a property, issue a complaint, or terminate a rent contract, you can do this and more through it. 

2. What Are the Services That Tasdeeq Offers You? 

Tasdeeq offers you different services on its website, through which you can with one click get what you want. Here are the services you can find through Tasdeeq website: 

  1. Authentication of Rental Contract for Residential Purposes
  2. Authentication of Renal Contract for Investment Purposes
  3. Authentication of the Residential Contract for Workers 
  4. Authentication of Rental Contract for Economic Activities 
  5. Issuing Certificates of Lease Contract Registration
  6. Authentication of All Lease Complaint Contracts
  7. Cancellation of Rental Contracts.
tasdeeq ajman login

3. How Can You Register for an Account on Tasdeeq Ajman’s Website? 

The registration process is super easy and simple; you won’t spend too much time doing it. Check the below steps: 

  1. Open “Tasdeeq” website
  2. Click the “Registration” tab
  3. Click “ Register New User” 
  4. Then you should fill the Tasdeeq’s form with the needed information
  5. Finally, click submit. 

Now you have an account on Tasdeeq; you can log in whenever you want to get any of its services. 

Tasdeeq ajman payment

4. Are All Tasdeeq Services Online?

No, they aren’t. Some of the services on Tasdeeq are valid online while others aren’t; you should go to the city services center to apply for them. 

The online services are: 

  • Authentication of Lease Contract for Economic Activities 
  • Authentication of Lease Contract for Residential Purposes
  • Cancellation of Rental Contracts.

5. How Can You Apply for the Offline Services on Tasdeeq? 

You can apply for Tasdeeq Ajman’s offline services at the city service center at Ajman’s Municipality. 

6. How Can You Reach Ajman’s Municipality? 

Here is all the information about Ajman’s Municipality, where you can go apply for any of Tasdeeq’s offline services. 

  • Location: It’s located near Lulu Center, on Al Ittihad Road, Al Bustan, Ajman. 
  • Opening Hours: 7:30 am – 2 pm
  • Municipality Ajman Contact Number: 80070 (toll free)

7. How Can You Get Your Tenancy Contract Through Tasdeeq? 

You don’t have to get out of your home to get your tenancy contract as the process is simple and easy through Tasdeeq. Let’s see step by step how you can do it:

1. If you don’t have an account on the website, then you should register; in case you already have one, just click on “Login” and enter your username and password. 

2. Then you should submit the needed documents

  • A copy of the landlord’s title deed
  • No objection letter from the General Organization for Real Estate Investment (for owning apartments in towers)
  • For both parties, identity documents or Emirates ID
  • For companies and institutions, a copy of the commercial license
  • Demand from the lease Contracts Division 
  • 3 copies of lease contract for residential purposes.

3. After submitting the documents, you should complete the process through the payment step on the website. 

4. Finally, after the authentication of the contract, it will be delivered to you. 

Tasdeeq form

8. How Much Is the Cost of Getting Your Rental Contract? 

The cost of authenticating a rental contract for residential purposes is 2% of the lease value with a minimum amount AED 400.

9. How Can You Cancel Your Tenancy Contract Through Tasdeeq? 

Whenever you need to cancel your tenancy contract, you can do this through the website. Have a look at the following steps:

  1. You will open Tasdeeq
  2. Then you should log in with your username and password
  3. Press on the “Cancellation of Lease Contracts” 
  4. Then you should submit the requested documents
  • A Certificate of clearance from the Electricity and Water Authority 
  • A Certificate of clearance from Ajman Sewerage Company
  • A Copy of your identity document (in addition to Emirates identity card for the related parties)
  • 2 copies from the rental contract that you want to cancel 
  • Demand from the lease Contracts Division 
  • Letter from the tenant and the landlord indicating the cancellation of the contract.  
Tenancy contract rules in Ajman

10. How Much Is the Cost of the Rental Contract Cancellation? 

There’s no fee for the cancellation of a rental contract; this service is for free. 

11. Can You Contact Tasdeeq? 

Yes, surely, you can contact Tasdeeq. 

After answering your questions about Tasdeeq through this detailed guide, we wish you a pleasant stay in this notable emirate. Besides, you can check the thrilling things to do in Ajman for endless fun. 

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