Best Things to Do in Ajman

This time we will take you on a tour to one of the most beautiful emirates in the UAE which is Ajman. It’s home to stunning beaches, historic sites, fun activities, thrilling experiences, and much more. 

Whether you’re coming to this awesome emirate on a vacation or living there, your guide to an enjoyable and exhilarating time is here. Just scroll down to find the best things to do in Ajman in the UAE. 

Things to Do in Ajman

1. Kayak at Al Zorah Nature Reserve

Al Zorah Nature Reserve is a spot where nature is the master. You will watch mesmerizing scenery of the green mangroves as the light blue water surrounds them. Not just that, this place is home to different kinds of birds and marine creatures. 

Fortunately, you have the chance to see them closely through kayaking among the beautiful mangroves at Al Zorah Nature Reserve. It’s a one of a kind experience that shouldn’t be missed. 

places to visit in Ajman


It’s located on Al Ittihad Road, opposite Union Co-op Jerf 1, Ajman. 

Opening Hours 

9 am – 6 pm daily.


  • Adult: AED 175 
  • Child: AED 135.

2. Stroll Along Al Zorah Marina 1

If the city you’re living in or going to overlooks the sea, you’re pretty lucky then; a walk by the sea view is always enough. You can enjoy this at Al Zorah Marina in Ajman which is a must-go area. 

It’s where you can stroll along the charming sea scenery. Such a simple outing has its own magic, leaving you in a good and relaxed mood. 

Moreover, Al Zorah Marina is a cool place to visit in Ajman at night also. After you finish strolling, wait to watch the sunset too, then have a tasty meal at the nearby restaurants. 

Ajman attractions


It’s located at Al Zorah, Ajman. 

Al Zorah Marina 1 Highlights 

  • Golf course
  • Funtastico kids theme park.

3. Spend a Day at Fairmont Ajman 

You have many things to do there: 

Enjoy a Staycation 

Are you thinking about going on a staycation? Surely, Fairmont Ajman is a good choice. You will relish a super comfy stay, top services, and the amazing view of Ajman’s beach.

Not just that, its staff is so welcoming and friendly, ensuring you a flawless experience. You are offered various activities to do there like going to the spa and gym, or playing different water games. 

Besides, this outstanding hotel is suitable for families or friends, as it provides you a wide variety of entertainment options. 

Ajman tourist attractions


It’s located on Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street, Al Nakhil 2, Ajman.


  • Gym
  • Spa 
  • Watersports 
  • Restaurants 
  • Pools
  • Kids Club 
  • Parking
  • Concierge
  • Laundry services
  • Floating aqua park. 


A room for 2 adults is for AED 350/day.

Play at Aqua Bounce Fairmont Ajman

How about some fun and water splashing activities? This sounds cool. It’s available at Aqua Bounce floating water park which is one of the best places to go in Ajman. 

It includes different games inside the water where you and your friends will spend an amusing time. Water slides, trampoline, climbing walls, and other games are waiting for you at Aqua Bounce. 

It’s super secure as there’s a team responsible for your safety and you can wear a life jacket for extra protection. 

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Aqua Bounce is part of Fairmont Ajman on Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Street.

Opening Hours 

10 am – 5 pm daily. 


  • AED 175 for children
  • AED 200 for adults. 

Contact Number

+971 (0) 6 701 5757

4. Go to Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque 

Here’s one of the prime religious tourist attractions in Ajman; it’s Sheikh Zayed Ajman mosque. 

This stunning mosque has the arabian architectural style which never fails to be impressive. You will enjoy visualizing the artistic details of the mosque.

Moreover, it has a perfectly designed dome and four minarets, making it a picturesque building from inside and outside; in addition, it’s on the list of the free things to do in Ajman.

Don’t forget to take a photo beside it as a memory; just a small tip is to take the photo from a low angle to capture the whole mosque. 


It’s located on University street, Al Jerf 2, Ajman. 

things to see in Ajman

5. Shop at Saleh Souk 

Are you wondering what places to see in Ajman? Surely, Saleh Souk is one of those places; it’s famous for its traditional tailored shops in addition to its effortlessly beautiful architecture. 

With no doubts, the arabian costumes are unique and authentic; you can shop there to buy gifts, clothes, and even textiles. 

In addition, it’s not only an arabian souk but also a heritage path as it connects between Ajman’s attractions.

Still wondering what is the thing to do in Ajman at night? Of course, it’s shopping at Saleh  Souk as the lively vibe of the place at this time is irresistible. 


It’s located at Al Owan, Al Khalil 1, Ajman. 

Ajman sightseeing

6. Visit Al Jarah Cultural Center

For those who are interested in culture, you should pay a visit to Al Jarah Cultural Center. It’s one of Ajman’s notable attractions. You will know many new interesting information about the culture and origins of this emirate. 

Besides, you’re going to explore many books about different topics as it includes a rich library. You won’t regret visiting Al Jarah Cultural Center especially if you have recently come to Ajman.


It’s located at Sawan Ajman Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Street, Ajman, UAE.

Contact Number 

+971 (0) 6 744 7733

7. Visit the Dhows Yard

Have you ever witnessed the construction of a wooden boat? If not, then it’s time to see it at Dhows Yard in Ajman. It’s so exciting to see how a boat is made from scratch till it sails in the water. 

Meanwhile, Dhow Yard is the biggest dhow construction in the world. That’s why it’s on the top of the things to see in Ajman.  

The workers are very professional. There are no books or brochures that they follow; it’s a learned craft from their ancestors which is more impressive. 

 Visiting the dhows yard is a new and interesting experience that you surely will never forget. 


It’s located at Ajman Marina, Al Meshrif, Ajman. 

Ajman best places to visit

8. Hike at Hajar Mountains 

Spending some time among nature away from the city is always a good idea. Hajar Mountains is from the top places to see in Ajman and where you can enjoy hiking too. 

The road is paved between the mountains’ hills, enabling you to enjoy the view of nature from above as you hike. It’s one of the fascinating spots in Ajman for sightseeing.

In addition, you won’t only relish hiking but also you can visit Masfout Castle. This historic building is positioned on the top of the Hajar mountains. Can you imagine how exciting it will be? 

Unfortunately, you cannot enter the castle but you can visualize its architecturally incredible building from outside. 

places to go in Ajman

9. Try Overnight Desert Safari

Are you ready for an adrenaline rush? If you are, then come try the desert safari since it’s what Ajman is famous for. 

You will enjoy numerous fun activities in the middle of the desert, including off-roading among the dunes and dune bashing. Not just that, through this exhilarating experience you can ride camels, relish sandboarding, and witness the falconry. 

As it’s an overnight safari, you will wake up in the morning to a very delicious bedouin breakfast that tastes heavenly! 

Ajman National Travel Agency

  • +971 (0)6 742 2300
  • +971 (0)6 742 2399. 
best things to do in Ajman

10. Experience Mountain Biking in Masfout  

Doing things out of your comfort zone is needed every now and then. Mountain biking is a thrilling outdoor activity in Ajman which you must try. At Masfout near Hajar mountains is where the bike trail is located. 

You will enjoy cycling by the amazing mountain views in the clean and fresh air of this area, away from the city’s pollution. It’s the perfect escape for some mindful and restful time.   

Just don’t forget your helmet for safety and power bank as your mobile’s GPS is essential.

fun things to do in Ajman

11. Do Some Artistic Works 

Crafts and art lovers, come on this place is for you. One of the best places to visit in Ajman is Clay Corner Studio. It offers you a variety of art activities and craft facilities to try new things or improve your talent. 

A beginner or professional, it doesn’t matter as at this stunning studio they will teach you everything related to clay making. Not just that, you can take your little ones to learn new skills or discover their inner artist.

Undoubtedly, this is a really fun thing to do in Ajman whether with friends or your children. 

things to do in Ajman at night


It’s located on Sheikh Rashid Bin Abd El Aziz street, Al Jerf 2, Ajman. 

Opening Hours 

11 am – 8 pm daily except Fridays. 

Contact Number 

+971 (0) 6 779 7007

There’s no better answer to what to do in Ajman rather than this article, right? Enjoy those wonderful places and experiences as soon as possible. 

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