Things To Do in and Around Fujairah

Fujairah is the hidden gem of the UAE and one of its seven emirates. You will get amused and mesmerized by its beautiful nature and touristic attractions. If you want a break from your quick and busy life, then sightsee Fujairah or around is a perfect decision.

There are endless activities to do and tourist places to visit in and around Fujairah. You will find below a list of the best things to do in this marvelous city, so let’s explore this wonderful city!


Near Fujairah 

Fujairah is neighbouring to a huge number of interesting places where you can enjoy your time to the max. They are not far from Fujairah, only a few minutes away. Here are some splendid things to do near Fujairah city, so just get ready for this exciting trip! 

1. Going to Snoopy Island 

Snoopy Island near Fujairah is one of the best places to visit in the UAE. You will enjoy nature’s beauty there. It has crystal blue waters that enable you to enjoy many activities underwater and on the beach.

Besides, Snoopy island’s water is warm during winter too; you can visit it whenever you want, don’t worry!

Snoopy Island Fujairah

Snorkeling at Snoopy Island

Exploring the undersea world is always impressive. If you didn’t try snorkeling before, then Snoopy island is the perfect spot to try snorkeling near Fujairah. 

Can you imagine seeing the colorful coral reefs and the beautiful tiny fish closely? It’s a mind-blowing experience! 


  • Snorkeling near Fujairah prices start from 150 AED/person.

Kayaking at Snoopy Island 

Have you ever imagined kayaking in a transparent sea? It would be an awesome thing to try. Snoopy Island is the ideal option for kayaking around Fujairah. 

Its clear waters will let you see the fish in water while kayaking which is astonishing! Get your backpack ready and go kayaking!

Kayaking at Snoopy Island


Kayaking prices start from 300 AED.

2. Hiking Hajar Mountains

Hiking near Fujairah is a good idea, whether you’re an avid hiker or just want to try a new adventure out of your comfort zone. You have found the perfect hiking destination near Fujairah, as the Hajar Mountains are visited by many people from all over to enjoy such a flawless adventure.

These mountains have more than 9 routes with varying intensity so if you’re a beginner or have been doing this for a long time, it’s a suitable destination to enjoy hiking!  

Hajar Mountains Fujairah

3. Parasailing over KhorFakkan Beach 

Parasailing is the most enjoyable thing to do around Fujairah. It is a water sport usually played over KhorFakkan beach as it’s supported with the needed facilities. It’s like you’re flying over the sea but totally safe as all the security measures are taken. 

People come from Fujairah and the nearby emirates to enjoy this thrilling activity. It’s a lifetime experience that you’ll love to do it again and again!


Near Fujairah parasailing ride price:

  • For 1 person starts from 135 AED 
  • For 2 people starts from 249 AED.

Things To Do in Fujairah 

This coastal charming city is your ultimate destination to have unforgettable moments and recharge. If you want to try new adventures or need to chill, you’ll find all the options at Fujairah. We brought you the below list of the things to do in Fujairah to choose what you like.

1. Scuba Diving

How about a new adventure? This sounds stimulating, doesn’t it? Diving is a trendy activity in Fujairah. It’s not that ordinary experience; it’s totally different and exciting when in Fujairah! 

The world under the sea in Fujairah is a must see; it’s full of various fish species that you’ll spot for the first time in your life. You will dive near sharks, turtles, and other unique creatures! Can you imagine this? It’s so exciting!

Scuba Diving in Fujairah


Al Boom Diving, Dibba Road, Fujairah. 


Scuba Diving in Fujairah is for 236 AED/person.

2. Going to Aqua Bounce 

Watersports and games are always fun. We all love it, not just the kids. Aqua Bounce water park in Fujairah for watersports is an outstanding attraction in the city. It includes a lot of interesting and enjoyable games in the middle of the water. 

Not just that, if you’re looking for a place at Fujairah to try jet ski, Aqua Bounce offers this too. It has games with various difficulty levels to suit all family members. You and your kids will have a superb time at Aqua Bounce, just get your swimsuits ready!


Mina Al Fajer, Dibba, Fujairah (Inside Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort).


  • The day pass for kids (4- 11 years) is 75 AED
  • The day pass for adults is 150 AED.
Aqua Bounce Fujairah

3. Ziplining over Fujairah

If you like daring activities, then you’ll love to try ziplining at Fujairah. Jebel Jais Flight is one of the longest zip lines that starts from Fujairah to Ras Al Khaimah. 

You will enjoy an unprecedented activity; hanging to a wire above the Hajar Mountains until you reach another city is really incredible! Trying this adventure sport in Fujairah is so exhilarating, you will feel the pleasure of the adrenaline rush!


  • It costs 300 AED/person.

4. Fishing in Dibba

Fishing is a cool thing to do especially at Dibba Fujairah’s Deep Sea. It is characterized by its deep water where distinctive fish live. There are fishing boat trips in Fujairah which are a good option if it’s your first time to go fishing. 

Just prepare your fishing tools to be ready for the new kinds of fish you’ll bring by the end of the day.


  • Fishing trips prices start from 550 AED.
Dippa Fishing

5. Spending a Day at Hydro Water Sports

Fujairah is well known for its beautiful beaches; one of them is Sandy beach, it’s a unique place to visit in Fujairah. You’re offered endless activities to do at this outstanding beach, in addition to their good service to have an exceptional stay. 

Don’t worry, boredom is not a possibility there; this one is recognized as an ideal spot for playing Hydro water sports in Fujairah; it’s really so much fun there. It’s easy now to decide where you’ll spend the weekend with your friends, right?


  • Day use for AED 350/person.
Hydro Water Sports in Fujairah

6. Visiting Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque

If you love Islamic attractions, then you’ll love visiting Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is a really stunning one. It is the second largest mosque in the UAE. 

This one is inspired by the banks of Bosphorus mosque in Turkey which is an iconic Islamic attraction. You won’t have to visit Turkey now as it’s brought to you here in Fujairah! 

Going to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the best things to do in Fujairah for free, yet you’ll enjoy it the most; its fascinating architecture will leave you mesmerized!


It’s located on Mohammed Bin Matar Road – Fujairah.

7. Exploring the Fujairah Museum 

Going to the museum is the easiest way to know more about your history. Fujairah Museum is one of the finest places to see in Fujairah and a tourist attraction too. 

It consists of three halls with varying themes; each one includes different items. You will really enjoy exploring this historic museum. You can also go on the Fujairah city tour that gathers a number of the city’s attractions including the Fujairah Museum.

Fujairah museum

8. Touring Fujairah Historic Fort

If you love history, then visiting Fujairah Historic Fort is a nice idea. It’s the oldest fort in the UAE and from the largest castles as well. Its entrance is for free so everyone can enjoy visiting it.

You will have a vintage experience there that is full of historical vibes. Besides, you’ll feel the authenticity from its architecture that will take you back to ancient time. It’s not an ordinary quick-paced outing but a unique one; you won’t regret visiting it for a change!

Opening Hours

8 am – 5 pm.

Fujairah Historic Fort

9. Enjoying Quality Time at The Retreat Camp Fujairah

How about going for a camp to enjoy nature but with the modern amenities? This sounds cool and effortless! Camping by nature is one of the best things to do to recharge.  

You have this opportunity at The Retreat Camp Fujairah where you can take a break from the quick life and enjoy some peace of mind and calmness. It’s a simple place by the mountains and steps away from the ocean. 

The camp is so cozy that you undoubtedly will love it! Taking a break won’t affect your work; on the contrary, quality time is the best idea to boost your productivity at work! 


It’s located off Ragaylat  Road Fujairah

Opening Hours

10:30 am – 7:30 pm


  • Room for 2 adults costs 1400 AED/night.

Here’s a variety of options for things to do around and in Fujairah. Whatever your preference or budget, the list above includes things that suit you. Just get ready for an unforgettable experience ahead!

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