Best Things to Do in Jumeirah Village Circle

If you’re living in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) or around and wondering what activities you can do there, the answer is here. This distinct beautiful community features different things to do during your free time. 

You can have fun with your friends or family in different interesting ways; to discover more about the top things to do in this community, keep reading this detailed article.

things to do in jvc

1. Go on a Lavish Staycation at Five Jumeirah Village

Going on a staycation for a couple of days is all you need to refresh; you can enjoy this at FIVE Jumeirah Village which is among the most lavish hotels in the community. 

The 5-star hotel offers you a unique experience with its cool rooftop pool, allowing you to soak into the sun while viewing the amazing skyline of Dubai. 

Not just that, you can make your staycation extra special at their penthouse-like rooms with a private jacuzzi, pool, and wide terrace. Its design is a jungle-like style to feel the Asian vibes while chilling and sipping your iced drink. 

Don’t hesitate to book your staycation at this iconic hotel for endless quality time in Jumeirah Village Circle


It’s located off Bijada Boulevard, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai. 


One room: Starting AED 450/night for two

Contact Information 

+971 (0)4 248 9999

things to do in Jumeirah Village Circle

2. Go Shopping in Circle Mall

Among the top things to do in Jumeirah Village Circle is shopping at Circle Mall. It’s an awesome shopping centre in the heart of the community. You can get whatever you need from this mall as it features different notable brands. 

Not just that, it includes Spinney’s hypermarket from where you can also get all your home groceries or needs. This makes it an ideal one-stop shop to get whatever you want without any hassle. 

At Circle Mall, there are a number of restaurants and cafes at which you can meet a friend or enjoy a lovely meal. Besides, you can also treat yourself with a cup of coffee at its nice cafes or a tasty ice cream from Baskin Robbins or Haagen Dazs.


It’s located off Mu’allaqat boulevard, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.

Top Brands

  • Koton
  • Forever 21
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Adidas

Contact Information 

+971 (0)60 058 8885

Circle Mall

3. Enjoy the Outdoors at the Awesome Parks

Jumeirah Village Circle is popular for its vast green areas as the community’s different spots are all connected through parks. This means you can effortlessly enjoy nature in such a tranquil atmosphere whatever your home location in JVC. 

At those awesome parks, you can go for a morning jog, plan for a picnic with your beloved ones, celebrate any occasion, or even take your little ones to play outside. 

Top Parks in JVC

  • Circle Community Park: in the centre of the community, off Halab Boulevard, Jumeirah Village Circle
  • JVC Roohl Community Park: District 10, Jumeirah Village Circle
  • JVC Castle Park: Off Jumeirah Village street 1, Jumeirah Village Circle
Parks in JVC

4. Try Gourmet Street Food at Soul Street 

We all have curiosity towards trying new tastes, especially street food. Soul Street is your ultimate spot in Jumeirah Village Circle to try different international street food with high quality. 

They have very talented chefs who ideally gathered the best local dishes worldwide with all their cooking secrets. You will enjoy the different tastes from Latin America, India, Arabian, Italian, and many more cuisines. 

Besides, the restaurant has a cool boho design, allowing you to relish vibrant vibes and take some instagrammable photos. Soul Street is surely among the best restaurants in JVC.


It’s located on the 5th floor in FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel, Lazuward S W street, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.


Average cost: AED 270 for two 

Opening Hours

12:30 pm – 3 am daily

Contact Information 

+971 (0)4 248 9999

Soul Street 

5. Take Your Kids to Little Thinker

If you want to treat your little ones to a nice outing, Little Thinker in Jumeirah Village Circle is the best option. It’s a kids store with various games, puzzles, educational toys, and crafts products. 

It also has a book fair where you can buy them nice short stories in different languages. The store is located in Circle Mall so afterward you can shop around or dine with the family at any restaurant.


It’s located in Circle Mall, off Mu’allaqat boulevard, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.

Opening Hours 

  • Saturdays to Wednesdays: 10 am – 10 pm
  • Thursdays and Fridays: 10 am – 12 am

6. Have a Relaxing Massage at REFIVE Spa

It’s time for some pampering! On the list of the best things to do in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is having a massage at REFIVE Spa. It’s located in FIVE Jumeirah Village hotel, one of the best hotels in JVC.

This awesome spa provides you with numerous treatments and packages including body massages, facials, scrubs, foot massages, and more. Besides, you can get into their rooftop pool which has hydrotherapy jets, leaving you extra relaxed and refreshed. 


It’s located in FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel, Lazuward S W street, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai.

Opening Hours 

  • Saturdays and Sundays: 10 am – 12 am
  • Mondays to Fridays: 10 am – 10 pm


  • Facials: Starting AED 645
  • Massage: Starting AED 595 for 60 minutes
  • Packages: Starting AED 699 

Contact Information 

+971 (0)4 455 9964

You won’t feel bored while living in Jumeirah Village Circle as you have different leisure options; plan for your free time now to enjoy the above outstanding activities.

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