Escada Real Estate Broker LLC

Escada Real Estate Broker LLC

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Company License: This is the company license number issued by the Abu Dhabi department of economic development. CN-1737896

Head office:Defense Road, C54, Mezanen, Office 1

Escada Real Estate Brokerage LLC.A national company engaged in the field of real estate and real estate development in theEmirate of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, we provide all services and real estate consulting to customers according to the prices of the real estate market, and to the benefit of the parties involved, transparent to satisfy all parties. Real estate brokerage increases the experience , knowledge and skill of the team In the study and knowledge of market conditions, and build excellent relationships with the owners of capital, to provide the best offers in the areas of real estate investment in the field of buying and selling existing housing or land and follow-up all procedures with the concerned authorities to obtain the title deeds While ensuring the rights of all parties, thereby enhancing customer confidence in a vision based on honesty and transparency.

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    Atef Alnjjar
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