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Company License: This is the company license number issued by the Abu Dhabi department of economic development. CN-1963927

Head office:Al Khaidiya, Al Muheiry Center, 11 Floor Max Home RE Business Centre

Max Home Real Estate is a professional well-established real estate brokerage company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We specialize in the field of leasing and property management for both residential and commercial properties in the United Arab Emirates. "Where we meet all the requirements of our customers in terms of credibility and image rendering to befit our services with reliable real estate developers whose names are honest in terms of providing value for investment on an appropriate ownership for our customers right .

We call for the strengthening of our independence in the selection of suitable properties to meet the full range of standards and requirements. Development in house building our name says it all, we are dealing not only with the house, but all real estate within the United Arab Emirates which (land- Villa- buildings - hotel- - industrial - commercial)

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