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3.8 /5

23 Marina

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Resident reviews

4.9 /5
One of the best in area
If you are looking for nice huge layout , spacious bedrooms and lots of sunshine this building is for you. We were looking for a building without store and restaurant in ground floor because we hate the traffic and smell of restaurant kitchen. Units are located far from each other so neighbors noise wouldn’t bother you. Maintenance is good and the security staff are nice and professional. You will have picturesque view from all 4 sides of the building. Very family friendly.
4.6 /5
The best in the Area
Huge three bedroom layout, stunning view from golf course, lots and lots of light and sunshine, great location with easy access to Marina , Jumeirah and SZR. Away from Marina traffic and busy area still near enough to walk . 3 gyms , 3 indoor and outdoor pools, great security staff , super clean tall windows all year around. This is where I live for the past 7 years and I love that .
3.9 /5
One of the nicer towers
I'm staying in a 3 bedroom apartment on lower floor, type 04 (facing Landmark building) I liked the apartment immediately for it's layout that doesn't waste space. The views are quite nice - golf course, media one hotel, landmark building, just the unfinished building right next to 23 marina spoils it a bit. There's plenty of light thanks to huge windows and they also clean them regularly. The building is getting a bit old but still looks nice and the level of finishes inside is above average from what I saw in Dubai Marina. Inside and outside pools are quite good and there's another one on higher floor I think. Gym felt a bit small and under-equipped, with low ceilings, but it's enough for regular workouts and it's not crowded. The security guards and management are nice and helpful but sometimes strict with rules. Moving was a bit stress as everything has to be announced via email to the management and it took some time to get approval. When something stops working they repair it quite quickly and communicate clearly about the issues. I might stay here another year if I don't get better deal somewhere else :)
4 /5
3 Bed Apartment
The tower is quite good with all needed amenities. But for some reason gym is soo small and without most of the basic tools.
2.9 /5
Quite Average
Decent building but not the best quality. Location isn't that great unless you want to be far away from the main marina area. Overall it's okay.
3.6 /5
2 Bed Apartment With Good Views
I viewed a 2 bed, 1700 Sq/Ft on the 25th floor looking over media city & the Palm with a great view. The apartments are very nicely fitted out with a huge size storage room connected onto the kitchen with an open plan into the living room and nice natural light coming into the apartment. My only issue is that there is currently a new building being built in front of 23 Marina if you consider the front facing the ocean and for the apartments on the right hand side looking directly down the coastline over Media city, they will have an obstruction as well once the new development across the road is complete. 23 Marina is still one of the better developments and there are still some great buys there, just do your homework and familiarize yourself with the other developments nearby to ensure you are getting the view you are paying for.
4.9 /5
All the amenities I need
Looking for 2 bedroom and found property finder very helpful and ended up owning one in the wanted tower... Feeling happy as the building has all the amenities and comfort which was mentioned on the site... No misleading comments found
4.3 /5
Outdoor pool unavailable
The outdoor pool has been under maintenance work for an absurd amount of time and would be great if they would open it up soon so we can enjoy the weather
4.1 /5
Central location
23 Marina is centrally located in Dubai Marina Excellent tower, very stylish, and very good finishing It is always well maintained and very safe
3 /5
Choose the view
Depending on which side of 23 Marina Tower you choose will determine how much you will actually enjoy living at this building. One side is bright, has beautiful golf course views and is noise free. The other side is dark, depressing and has construction going ahead directly opposite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Choose carefully.

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