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3.9 /5

Cayan Tower

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Resident reviews

3.9 /5
The most iconic building in Dubai
Tower is getting better under Kingfield management Nice and refurbished lobby and G floor - Pipe issues fixed - door bell and intercom fixed - lifts back to normal high standard.....and it looks like a lot of improvements pipeline....
4.4 /5
Great property
Iconic tower that always attract attention. Improved situation vs. previous comment (all facilities and lifts work). Very high finishing compared to most properties in Dubai. New property management company and Owner Association effectively working to maintain the high standards of the tower (e.g., lobby just renewed)
1.7 /5
Maintenance could be better. Constantly at least one of elevators is out of order. Construction is ongoing nearby and makes traffic even more bad than before. No guests parking. Dissapointing...
4.1 /5
The most Iconic Tower in Dubai - amazing experience
I have been living in Cayan for 5 years after experiences in other towers in Dubai Marina.....This is for sure the most iconic tower in Dubai..... the architecture is simply amazing and the internal very large units layout too. The location is also fantastic granting Marina and sea view and next to JBR and beach.....Luxury spa with clean steam, sauna and plunge free for residents. Nice cafe and saloon next to a wonderful and well equipped full marina view Gym. No way, a classy luxury and cool lifestyle like no other......
2 /5
Iconic Tower in bad shape
The tower looks great, the design is good and the views are amazing. However, as I am writing this the door bells in the entire building have been not working for 2 months, the pool is closed indefinitely and the parking deck is full with construction sites for unknown reasons. Elevators break down at least once a month and for some reason go to the 72 floor when not used instead of waiting at the ground floor. The traffic is hell in the morning since 3 new towers were finished in the same vicinity. They all share the same exit which crosses the tram and the tram has always the right of way, the traffic lights jump to red when it approaches. Sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes at the crossing.
1.6 /5
Honestly so dissatisfied with my experience of living here. Lifts are constantly broken, I’ve had number of leaks in my apartment because of faulty AC. Ive lost count of the amount of times the water supply to my floor has been switched off for days on end with no prior warning. And to top it all off the pool has been closed now for over a month originally because of ‘ Maintance’ but now the management says it’s because they’ve run out of money to keep it open. The building looks nice from the outside and the apartments are nice but overall the experience has been terrible.
2.4 /5
Conflict between owners and Cayan Management destroyed the otherwise good experience
Cayan Tower is an iconic building with great architecture and amenities. But the ongoing conflict between owners and Cayan Management makes it difficult to live here. Most of the time at least one of the elevators is not working, the parking area is riddled with small construction sites, the door bells have not been working in the entire building for 5 weeks and now the management decided to close the pool indefinitely because some owners don't pay service fees. I would avoid this building at the moment.
2.3 /5
Overpriced tower
Iconic tower, it was one of the newest in Dubai Marina. You pay for the design, apartments are overpriced due to the face the tower is an icon. Terrible traffic in & out due to tram. No guest parking. Pool is one of the smallest in dubai marina (almost impossible to find a free subbed during weekend) and it works only until 8PM
5 /5
Excellent satisfaction
Very good staff dealing, perfect guiding. Good services and clean and tidy pool. Strict security and good cleaning.
4.7 /5
Most Iconic Tower in Dubai Marina
Very well maintained residence, very secure, ideally located to get in and out avoiding traffic. Some apartments are a little fiddly as the tower twists, but high floor 01 and 05 two bedroom apartments are amazing.
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Construction now surrounds this building. Elevators always breaking down. Many apartments are on airbnb and have sketchy people partying all night long. Most apartments have had flooding from water heater leaks Management company disorganized and unhelpful Interior in general in good condition but most apartments don't have room for dishwasher or full size water dispenser. Water system has issues and sometimes the water comes yellow or brown A bit too far from metro Light at the exit next to princess tower can trap you there for 10 or 15 minutes

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