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3.9 /5

Cayan Tower

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Guest parking

Resident reviews

4.4 /5
Strict security but good
Great views and location, but if you have guests coming over then goodluck to them for finding a parking spot. Take a cab.
3.3 /5
Overall review
Nice tower but to much traffic
3.7 /5
Cayen Tower review
Nice building, nice people, nice location...but in the end you can not have everything.. From 1 to 10 i will give 8! Hope that i help you !
3.4 /5
Very good tower, nice view
Very good tower, limited noise and fantastic view of Dubai Marina. Average pool, great Spa and good gym
Mintaga Building Score
from 5 Mintaga reviews
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Construction now surrounds this building. Elevators always breaking down. Many apartments are on airbnb and have sketchy people partying all night long. Most apartments have had flooding from water heater leaks Management company disorganized and unhelpful Interior in general in good condition but most apartments don't have room for dishwasher or full size water dispenser. Water system has issues and sometimes the water comes yellow or brown A bit too far from metro Light at the exit next to princess tower can trap you there for 10 or 15 minutes

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