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3.4 /5

Sulafa Tower

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Resident reviews

3.6 /5
Nice Tower
I have been living in this tower for almost 8 years , location is perfect ,very easy access to SZR ,all units are big and have very nice layouts , the only issue in there was poor management as they are changes from beginning of 2021 and now tower managed by SAGA which is well known ,and we hope a big change happen soon in this tower . in terms of quality honestly all equipment are still in great condition even after 8 years. people say negative things about security ,but they are just tough with those people who are breaching the rules . guys please b fair .
3.4 /5
Happy and comfortable
Sulafa is one of the cheapest tower in marina you can move in as of date but for it you get a nice sized apartment. My experience is very nice as I'm on high floor but I've read of people having light problems at 1pm but I believe it's more a problem in the lower floors. The view as well changes massively depending on the floor you live in and which side is the apartment facing. Me for example I have an unobstructed view of Burj al Arab, Burj Khalifa, part sea view and part golf view. Can't complain at all!! Location is fantastic as you can have very easy access to SZR without any traffic at all and tram station just across the street. The negatives are for sure the temporary cladding replacement noises that should be complete by the end of the year, the pool being covered so no possibilities of tanning, and the gym having a bit outdated machinery. Parking as well are a bit narrow and no guest parking, which is a common thing for all Dubai Marina area buildings in general.
2.4 /5
The RUDEST security in Dubai
Building is not bad for the prices there. Apartments have amazing layout and they are very specious. The security guys though - their behaviour is absolutely unacceptable, rude as hell for NO reason with all people all the time. Never smile, never communicate polite, unbelievable uncivilized. Never seen such a thing like them before. Doesn't matter how delicate and politely you try to approach them they are bad and rude by default. Again - FOR NO REASON. After 1 year of living there we left our lovely apartment just because of them.
4.6 /5
Perfect Location if you want Marina without Marina traffic or noise
The greatest feature is you can reach the tower or exit to Sheikh Zayed Road directly without getting stuck in any typical Marina traffic jams. Guest parking used to be impossible but now they have a service which is great if you have visitors with cars. No more construction around us so its a lot more peaceful now, and you don't hear anything from Barasti even though you are so close to it. If you are going for a 1 bedroom, make sure to ask for the large size ones, they are around 1,000sqft and very spacious with a nice view of the sea.
3.1 /5
Good location but poor maintenance of the apartments
Good location in the Marina with lots of services near. The problem is that some installations inside the apartments are broken. Gym is good but the pool area not so impressive.
4 /5
I'm loving it
I was hesitant to move to Sulafa tower after the fire issue and hearing bad feedbacks from few people (who actually never lived in the tower) but I'm so glad I did. I moved in a 1 bedroom flat last November, the apartment is spacious and surprisingly not noisy and the layout so smooth. The gym is quite big and good, the pool on the other hand is just good for kids as it's not deep and covered. The location of the tower itself is perfect, I'm not involved in traffic whatsoever and never been affected by the tram, easy in and out to and from home.
3.7 /5
I have stayed 11 Months in Sulafa Tower, they have huge apartments. They have good staff but swimming pool is a little bit small. Overall I liked the building
2.3 /5
Worst building in Marina
Noisy and has a cockroach issue.
4.4 /5
Great Value for Money
Best Value for Money in Marina. Pool is covered, not so nice, but the Gym is really big and the maintenance is good very clean, nice people living in the building and excellent location with carrefour just in front open 24h. I bought 1 br there and i am really happy!
3.7 /5
Sulafa Tower
I have stayed in Sulafa for 10 months and love the location and huge apartments, yes security guys can be abrupt, but some people in Dubai are so rude i'm not surprised they are like that, treat people the way you expect to be treated. Not having a car i have no problem having guests who use my space. Had a problem with a noisy neighbour who thought he was an amatuer DJ, complained and not a sound out of the apartment again. The pool is more suited for children but the GYM facilities are good and the whole building internally is spotless. Overall i love the Building.

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