Apartments for sale in Cayan Tower, Dubai Marina

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Cayan Tower Apartments for Sale

The Cayan Tower is one of Dubai's most fabulous structural icons with a striking helical shape. It is a luxury apartment building in twisting shape which makes this unique building stand out from the architectural variety of the Dubai waterfront. Conveniently located near Dubai Internet City, the Emirates Golf Club, as well as numerous corporate headquarters, the tower’s twisting form arranges for a wide array of units with the most desirable views of the Dubai Marina and Arabian Gulf. Also, Cayan Tower enhances its spectacular waterfront site preserving the views for residents living in neighboring buildings.

Moreover, the Cayan Tower reaches a height as one of the tallest building in the Emirate; it is a 306 meter tall, 73 story skyscraper in Dubai story. This bundle of excitement development provides elite accommodation in the heart of the city and numerous apartments for sale in Cayan Tower. The units within the tower have been uniquely divided into six types, all being of the same common sophistication, and offering plentiful living space configurations to residents.

The standard units range from studio apartments for sale in Cayan Tower to three bedrooms. They are of great quality and price satisfying many tastes and budgets. In addition, the most luxurious and lavish crown of the building features six levels of both half and full floor penthouses. This mixed variety of Cayan Tower Apartments for sale assures that every distinct taste and need of accommodation is met with the highest quality and design. Lifestyle in Cayan is further enhanced by various residential amenities that include an outdoor pool facing the marina, lavish flexible spaces on the sixth floor, an impressive health spa, world class exercise facility, and the most elegant conference centers.

Cayan Tower Apartments for Sale
Cayan Tower Apartments for Sale

Benefits of buying flats for sale in Cayan Tower

Furthermore, the tower is designed to portray the utmost enhanced indoor comfort through its twist, which generates self- shading for the tower and ensures that many of the interior spaces are still at the same protected from too much solar exposure. Also, the building’s exterior terraces are equipped with high performance glass, and deep sills around the recessed glass line in order to provide rambling daylight to interior spaces and to further protect the building from direct solar radiation. This enhanced design also saves much energy for residents in every Cayan Tower apartment for sale and gives a beautiful, bright, healthy environment full of sunlight and life.

Additionally, the beautiful twist of the Cayan Tower is not just an aspect of artistic purpose but also many other advantages. It provides a thermally comfortable environment, and reduces the building’s demand for cooling while optimizing occupant stunning views of the surrounding marina and gulf. Thus, Cayan Tower flats for sale are a bargain not to be missed and definitely a profitable investment.