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Guide to getting Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, The Address

For an award- winning development as your home, The Address in Dubai Marina is the ultimate blend of all that is great in life, work and play. Dubai Marina Apartments for Rent sit amidst crystal waters that shimmer with view of the rising towers reflected in the water, plus modern architecture and yachts alongside cutting-edge restaurants. This urban waterfront project stands at the heart of a dynamic district. It is a hotspot for many tourists visiting the emirate and a great place to unwind in the city from the mundane everyday life.

The area is lively yet laid-back offering a genuine feeling of home in the apartments for rent in Dubai Marina, The Address. Beyond the architectural sleekness and delicacy of effortless style, the Address provides a one of a kind lavish stay. It lies right in the heart of Dubai Marina, at new Dubai, as a captivating hotel that is complete with the finest accommodations, comprehensive business and leisure facilities. It is also connected to the Dubai Marina Mall and sits just a short walk away from the stunning beach. In the Address, countless opportunities for shopping, dining and sightseeing open up for visitors and residents alike.

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Getting Dubai Marina Apartments for Rent

Great Apartments for rent in the Dubai Marina, The Address

Here, you are perfectly positioned to relish the atmosphere and indulge in the stylish lifestyle of this spectacular location. The various properties overlook the world’s largest man-made marina and water front development, and are available in a range of sizes. There are spacious studio Apartments for Rent in Dubai Marina, The Address that showcase modernity and style. They provide all the necessary space for a comfortable and affordable space. Similarly, one bedroom apartments are a bit different in style and more commodious in size.

This popular hotel provides direct access to the Dubai Marina Mall that boasts eclectic boutiques to high-end designer brands. This should appeal to guests who wish to do some shopping during their stay in upscale retail stores, then enjoy renowned restaurants and trendy late night lounge destinations. To go with such trendy venues, 1 BHK apartments for rent in Dubai Marina are the ideal place of residence in the area. However, those in search of soothing sea and sand will find the beach within walking distance, mere minutes away from the Dubai Marina Apartments; which is satisfies all tastes.

Other impressively lavish units, are the Three bedroom Apartments for rent in Dubai Marina. They suit those looking for airy luxury and families seeking comfort. They are also perfectly designed for the smart and meticulous travelers as they provide all the needed services of business and leisure within one place. Executives and professionals will be a 5-minute drive from Dubai Media and Internet Cities making it much easier to conduct business. Staying at an Apartment for rent in Dubai Marina is also a prestigious front in the heart of the city.