Studio apartments for rent in Al Baraha, Deira

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Studio Apartments for rent in Al Baraha, Diera

Al Baraha is a district located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and one of the most loving community out there, it is a modern residential community borders the Deira Corniche on the north and Al Muteena on the south. And it is bordered by routes D 92 (Al Khaleej Road) and D 82 (Al Rasheed Road) from the northern and southern peripheries of Al Baraha.

The residential section of Al Baraha consists of local lanes that are numbered even, if they run east-west, and numbered odd if they run north-south. Its east-west streets run from 2nd Street through 24th Street, while north-south streets run from 1st Street through 29th Street. The Deira Corniche lies to the northern periphery of Al Baraha, which is considered as a commercial and tourist center. Moreover, there are a lot of hospitals and medical care providers around including; Al Baraha Hospital, Dubai Hospital, and Belhoul Speciality Hospital.

Studio Apartments for rent in Al Baraha, Diera
Find a Great Studio for Rent in Al Baraha, Diera

Find a Great Studio for Rent in Al Baraha, Diera

Living in one of Al Baraha studio flats for rent is like living in a fantasy home, as it is a convenient and relaxing residential community in the Heart of Deira. Residents will enjoy Deira Corniche, that wonderful waterfront promenade in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In addition, they will have peace of mind and soul in the beautiful natural scenary in the area.

Why Choose Studio Apartments for Rent in Al Baraha, Diera

Al Baraha apartments for rent is a great solution for living in a modern comfortable place, at an affordable price. It has a wide range of traditional and modern retail and hospitality areas existing along the Deira Corniche. It offers a variety of spacious modern apartments, which have been designed for a cozy comfortable lifestyle. Even if you are searching for a traditional 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartments. You can find whatever you are searching for in this great area. Studio flats for rent in Al Baraha, Deira are very unique, they are considered as a smart solution for housing in the heart of Al Baraha, Deira, They all come in a high-quality architect that meets the international standards of modern homes. Living in one of the Al Baraha studio flats for rent is a unique living experience that offers you the fantasy lifestyle you like.

Studio Apartments for rent in Al Baraha, Diera are a way cheaper than traditional apartments and possess their own distinct benefits. If you are dreaming of living in one of Al Baraha apartments for rent, here’s how you can get it. Start your laptop and search for, you’re going to find a number of apartments available for rent or sale in almost everywhere in The United Arab Emirates. Now, you can easily find your dream home and start your life happily there.