Chloe Davey Thomson

Chloe Davey Thomson


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Chloe has grown up internationally in countries such as Australia, Kazakhstan, Vanuatu, Turkey, London and Belgium. Having started her career within the hospitality industry over 15 years ago, she slowly transitioned from restaurant businesses to consulting in start-up businesses in Australia and Europe. Having invested her time in properties and land along the way, she naturally transitioned into a career in real estate, working with a leading developer in Turkey. Her responsibilities involved aiding in project managing the construction of prestigious villas along the Mediterranean coastline, as well as liaising with buyers and architects with the design aspects over the winter. Chloe decided the next course of action was to relocate to Dubai, an ever-growing city with huge investment potentials. With her background in consulting and real estate, Chloe’s main goal is to guide and advise our clients on the best and most suitable investments within the off-plan property sector of Dubai
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