The Ultimate Guide to Al Safa 1 Dubai

Al Safa 1 Dubai is a favored destination for many individuals and families to move to and settle in. Mainly because it has various residential options that are reasonably priced as well. In addition, Al Safa 1 offers many options for villas and apartments. And they all have the best features and finishings. However, it is worth nothing that only UAE citizens can own property there. Discover here everything about Al Safa 1 and all its services and animations. 

Al Safa 1 Dubai Location

Al Safa 1 area is one of the two sub-communities within the Al Safa area. Which is located on the western side of Dubai. In addition, it is surrounded by Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Wasl Road. Check Al Safa 1 map below. 


Both Safa 1 Dubai and Al Safa 2 are adjacent communities. Together, they make up the prominent area of Al Safa. Granted, there are many big communities surrounding the area. Some of those communities are: 

  • Jumeirah 3: 7 minutes away 
  • Al Quoz 1: 8 minutes away 
  • Al Wasl: 9 minutes away 
  • Umm Suqeim: 10 minutes away 

Nearby Attractions

Al Safa 1 Dubai has a very unique and strategic location. Thus, you can easily reach many attractions and landmarks. As you will not have to endure losing hours on the road stuck in traffic. Here are some of the attractions that are worth visiting: 

  • Jumeirah Beach: 9 minutes away 
  • City Walk: 10 minutes 
  • Kite Beach: 12 minutes away 
  • Dubai International Airport: 17 minutes away


The residents of Al Safa 1 can rely on various means of transportation. While you can request a private car via Uber or Careem. You can also get a taxi from anywhere or catch a bus. As you can also use a Nol Card when using public buses. These are some of the nearby bus and metro stations in the area: 

  • Al Safa, Street 19 A
  • Safa Shopping Center
  • Business Bay Metro Station


Al Safa 1 villas

You can easily find different types of properties within Al Safa 1 Dubai. Especially in big apartment buildings as such Al Safa Commercial Complex. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Safa would averagely start at AED 109,999.50. On the other hand, there are various villas in their area, such as: 

  • Wasl Square Villas Al Safa 1
  • Al Safa 1 Villas
  • Sheikh Ahmed Villas Safa 1
  • Splendour Villas Al Safa 1

Moreover, the average rental prices for villas in Al Safa 1 are as follows: 

Villa Average Rent Prices 
4-bedrooms AED 370,000 
5-bedrooms AED 459,999.50 
6-bedrooms AED 380,000 

Similarly, see below the average sale prices for those villas: 

Villa Average Sale Prices 
5-bedrooms AED 10,000,000 
6-bedrooms AED12,500,000 

Services and Facilities

It is no surprise that Al Safa 1 Dubai offers its residents various services and facilities. All are to make sure they enjoy a leisurely and comfortable lifestyle. Discover all of them below. 

Educational Institutions

School in al safa 1

When it comes to schools and nurseries, Al Safa 1 has quite a selection of excellent academic programs. Some of the top schools and nurseries in the area are: 

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School


Pre KG – Grade 5 




17 B Street 

Mini Miracles Nursery


45 days old – 5 years old 




4B Street 

Safa British School


Pre KG – Grade 19 




13 Street 

AlIttihad Private School Jumeirah


Pre KG – Grade 12




7 Street 

Healthcare Establishments

healthcare in al safa

Similarly, the hospitals and clinics the area houses offer excellent medical care for all. Not only do they cover all specialties such as pediatrics, dentistry, dermatology, and cosmetics. These are some of the top-tiered healthcare establishments within the area: 

  • Symbiosis Medical Centre
  • Medcare Hospital Al Safa
  • Gemini Medical Center
  • Manhal Medical Center

On the other hand, there are plenty of other hospitals around the area. Such as Iranian Hospital Safa Polyclinic Dubai Al Qouz 1 and Prime Medical Center. 


Shop for your daily necessities and stock up your fridge from the various supermarkets and grocery stores in the area. Rest assured you will find everything in them. 

  • Gate Plus Supermarket
  • Al Soueida Grocery
  • Park n Shop
  • Ceekay Supermarket


Having a nearby gym helps you stay motivated to work out and get in shape. Luckily for the residents of Al Safa 1, there are various gyms and fitness centers. So they can go easily to the gym without worrying about traffic. 

  • Al Safa Fitness
  • Shams Gymnastics Club
  • Meraki Fitness


Unfortunately, you would not find hotels within the area itself. However, there are plenty of great options to pick from bordering the area. Some of the nearby hotels to Al Safa 1 are: 

  • Roda Beach Resort
  • Beach Walk Hotel
  • V Hotel Dubai
  • Urban Al Khoory Hotels

Things to Do

Finally, an area is as good as the entertainment outlets within it. Therefore, we gathered up the top things to do within Al Safa 1. 


Enjoy some outdoor fun by visiting the parks and sports clubs in the area. They offer great sporting facilities like tennis courts and swimming pools. Additionally, they have various playgrounds for children. 



Similarly to hotels, the area does not have any malls. But do not worry, it is surrounded by nearby malls that have everything you need and more. From retail stores, cinemas, play areas for kids, and huge food courts. 



Finally, discover the best restaurants in Al Safa 1 and start checking them off your list. All of these restaurants offer great services as well as delicious food. 

  • Pickl Al Safa
  • Bab Al Safa Restaurant
  • Al Meshwar Restaurant
  • Kazoza Restaurant
  • Maraheb Restaurant

In conclusion, Al Safa 1 Dubai is a great and prominent residential area that has much to offer. Which is very similar to many other communities in Dubai like Al Nahda. Keep in mind that you can find guides for any area you want within UAE through Property Finder’s blog.

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