Your Guide to Al Safa Commercial Complex

Al Safa Commercial Complex is a holistic community within Al Safa 1. Residents of the area have everything they need within this community from restaurants, and grocery stores, to pharmacies and more. Furthermore, there are various apartments with different configurations and features to suit all preferences. 

Al Safa Commercial Complex

Al Safa Commercial Complex Location

Al Safa Complex’s location is strategic and very desirable within Al Safa area. It is located on 16th Street, in Al Safa 1 – which is one of the Al Safa sub-communities. Moreover, it is opposite Shaikh Obaid Bin Thani Al Maktoom Villas. As it is adjacent to Safa British School. 


Al Safa Complex in itself is a sub-community within Al Safa 1. Which sets it next to various big residential communities in Dubai. Such as: 

Nearby Attractions

Al Safa Complex

In addition to the previous communities, the area is surrounded by various famous attractions. All are major hotspots for tourists and locals alike. Some of these attractions are: 

  • Al Safa Park: 9 minutes away 
  • OliOli® – Dubai’s First Experiential Play Museum: 8 minutes away 
  • Jumeirah Beach: 9 minutes away 
  • DOSC sailing club: 6 minutes away 
  • J3 Mall: 8 minutes away 


There are various nearby bus stations and metro stations which makes traveling from and to the area very easy. These are the nearest stations to the area: 

  • Wasl Road, Box Park 2 bus station
  • Dubai Modern School bus station
  • Burj Khalifa Metro Station
  • Al Safa, Street 13 bus station 


First of all, there are only apartments for rent in Al Safa Complex – which is pretty reasonable. Furthermore, you would rarely find Al Safa studio for rent but you would definitely find it for sale. The sale price for a studio in Al Safa is around AED 1,262,761. See below the average multiple rooms for rent in Al Safa prices. 

Apartment Yearly Average Rent Price
1-bedroom AED 75,000 yearly 
2-bedrooms AED 109,999 yearly 
5-bedrooms AED 450,000 

Services and Facilities 

This little enclosed community has various services and facilities to ease its residents’ lives. It covers all their needs as it is close enough to anything else they might need. Learn below the top services within Al Safa Commercial Complex and around it. 

Educational Institutions

As a small community, there are not many schools or nurseries within it. However, there are plenty surrounding it such as: 

  • Safa British School
  • AlIttihad Private School Jumeirah
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Mini Miracles Nursery
  • Adventure Kids Nursery
  • Maple Bear Safa Park

On the other hand, if you are interested in giving music lessons to your child. Then you might want to check out Wide Music Lessons. As they offer music lessons for different ages, levels, and instruments. Feel free to contact them at +971 5 85106007. 

Healthcare Establishments

Healthcare in al safa

The Al Safa Complex has a Life Pharmacy where you can find all medicine and other medical items you need. On the other hand, if you have a pet, then you will need a good vet. This is where Mercy Veterinary Clinic World will come in handy. Further, there are a few medical centers and hospitals surrounding the area such as: 

  • Symbiosis Medical Centre
  • Medcare Hospital Al Safa
  • Gemini Medical Center
  • Al Safa Primary Health Care Center


For grocery shopping, you can visit Gate Plus Supermarket. Where you will find everything you need for stocking up on your home. There are also a few other supermarkets surrounding this community such as: 

  • Al Soueida Grocery
  • Park n Shop
  • Ceekay Supermarket

Nearby Gyms

gyms in al safa

The community itself does not house any gyms or fitness centers. But not to worry, as there are a few options nearby and only a few minutes away. Including:

  • Al Safa Fitness
  • Meraki Fitness 
  • Shams Gymnastics Club

Moreover, you can check the surrounding communities and the gyms they have. Such as gyms in Business Bay which are 10 minutes away from Al Safa Complex. 

Nearby Hotels 

hotel in safa1

Similarly to gyms, the area does not have any hotels or hotel apartments. But there are a few nearby ones such as: 

  • Roda Beach Resort
  • Beach Walk Hotel

More Services 

In addition to the previous services, you can also rent a car from Al Safa Complex from Keyvany Rent A Car. Or if you are in need of financial services, visit Emirates NBD. 

Things to Do

Al Safa Commercial Complex is known for having various stores, cafes, and restaurants. So if you want to go and grab a bite or do some shopping. You can find a few places that will meet your needs. 


The community has a wide selection of different stores. Whether you want to shop for home decor, electronics repair, clothes, or party decorations. You will find all of them within walking distance. 

shopping square
  • International Studio Of Art And Galleries Dubai
  • Mobile & Laptop Repair Shop
  • Mile’s Home
  • Moy
  • Party Heaven 
  • Al Banoosh Perfumes 
  • Benarous Fashion


As we mentioned before, the area is known for having many cafes that serve many beverages. Along with a wide selection of sweet and savory snacks. 

  • Cat Cafe Vibrissae
  • Tea Leaf cafe
  • Starbucks
  • Levels Tea Café & Tea House
  • Delicieux Cafe


In addition to the previous cafes, the area has many delicious restaurants. All of which serve high-quality meals that are simply mouthwatering. 

  • Shrimps N Flames
  • Semisweet
  • Tbm Burger
  • Khan El Khalili Gourmet
  • Sadeem
  • Konz Republik
  • Twice Burger
  • BRD By Slab
  • Pause Gourmet

To conclude, Al Safa Commercial Complex is a great sub-community within Al Safa 1. As it is very similar to many other communities within Dubai like Green Community Village

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