Your Ultimate Guide to Nol Card Types and Benefits

Residents in Dubai use Nol Card when they transit by different means of public transportation, and sometimes for shopping. It’s a smart card that can facilitate the payment process. As it reduces the burden of having to carry cash in hand all time. Which is very similar to Masaar Card, Sayer Card and E-Saqr Card.

The RTA Nol Card guarantees to offer the best comfort for the residents in public transportation. Therefore, Nol Card Dubai is part of these aspirations. This guide will shed light on everything you want to know about this smart card. Including the Nol card top-up limits and how to add or check credit. 

About Nol Card 

Nol Card Types 

Nol Card Balance Check

Nol Card Recharge

Nol Card 

nol cards

Nol Card works on different means of transportations. It’s also useful, especially for those who transit while fetching their belongings or going with their little ones. The card also comes in different shapes based on its type as we are going to mention later on. But first, what types of transportation can a person use the card? It can be used on almost everything, which is: 

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Boat
  • Ferry
  • Metro 
  • Tram 
  • Wonder Bus Tours

Nol Card Types 

There are various types of smart cards, and each is distinguished by its own usage and benefits. The following is an explanation of each of them. 

Blue Nol Card

blue nol cards

The blue card is the same as the personal Nol card for certain usages. Also, the blue card is distinguished by offering discounts for students, people of determination, and the elders. 

  • Price: AED 70 
  • Maximum recharge limit: AED 5,000
  • Time limit: 5 years 
  • Benefits: 
    • You get a balanced recovery if the card gets lost or stolen 
    • It can be used for all means of transportation, Dubai public parks, and all the malls in Dubai 
    • Highly secure, an auto SMS gets sent on every use to keep you posted in case you lose your card 
    • It’s useful for people of determination, it’s also a student Nol card and for the elderlies

Nol Gold Card

gold nol cards

Secondly, if you’re the type of person that prefers the gold class in public transportation. Then the gold card is the choice for you. It allows you to enjoy the best seats on the metro and the ferry. Here are the details and the benefits of this type: 

  • Price: AED 25
  • Maximum recharge limit for an unregistered (anonymous) account: AED 1,000
  • Maximum recharge limit for a registered account: AED 5,000
  • Time limit: 5 years 
  • Benefits: 
    • It can be used for all types of public transportation
    • The ability to have gold seatings in Dubai metro and ferry
    • The usual golden class charge substance the same in other modes of transportation 
    • It’s valid in Dubai public parks and all the malls in Dubai Emirate

Nol Silver Card

silver nol cards

Thirdly, the silver card features are nearly the same as the golden card. The difference is with the class of seating as you will notice in the following: 

  • Price: AED 25
  • Maximum recharge limit for an unregistered account: AED 1,000
  • Maximum recharge limit for a registered account: AED 5,000
  • Time limit: 5 years 
  • Benefits: 
    • The deduction of every trip is automatic as it calculates the fare of each trip
    • You can obtain it at a low price and use it immediately 
    • Usable for all means of transportation, Dubai public parks, and all the malls in Dubai Emirate

Red Nol Card

The red card is for quick use at a low price, it’s a special card to use in the metro and buses. The ticket limit of use is 10 times available for 90 days. 

  • Price: AED 2
  • Maximum recharge limit: 10 times 
  • Time limit: 90 days (valid for 10 trips only) 
  • Benefits: 
    • One time use 
    • Low price ticket 
    • Easy to purchase from any ticket vending machine at anytime 
    • Used in metro and buses 

Nol Card Balance Check

checking Nol card balance

How to check my Nol card balance online or at any place? If you don’t prefer the online methods for balance checks. You can head to any ticket vending machine at the metro or bus stations. As for Nol card balance check online from website or apps, here are a few suggestions: 

Nol Card Recharge Online

You can recharge your card online via the RTA official website. All you have to do is type your Nol tag ID and your email address. Then confirm the payment to top up your Nol card. Moreover, Dubai is not the only emirate with public transportation cards. For instance, Abu Dhabi residents can use Hafilat Card.

We hope that this guide was helpful and guided you to use your Nol card and to check your balance. If you want to learn more about related topics, you’ll enjoy reading about Getting Around the Emirates: A Guide to Transportation in UAE. As well as Your Guide to Getting a Bank Account in UAE and Visa Card, and more topics on the Property Finder blog. 

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