Everything You Need to Know about Sayer Card

The Sayer Card is part of the government’s efforts to ensure the happiness of residents and visitors. Especially in the Emirate of Sharjah. As it is always keen to provide them with all means of comfort in various fields. Perhaps the most prominent of which is the field of public transportation. Moreover, each emirate has its own designated card. For instance, Hafilat Card is used in Abu Dhabi, and E-Saqr is used in Ras Al Khaimah.

In this article, we will learn about everything related to this care in Sharjah. As we will discuss the most important information and details related to it. Such as how to top up the balance and more.

Sayer Card

Sayer Card Overview 

The idea of this card was launched in 2009. It constitutes an easy and smooth method for electronic payment. Specifically, when travelling on public transportation buses within the borders of the Emirate of Sharjah. The card is innovative in a modern way. As it plays a major role in reducing wasted time and effort when paying cash on buses. That is done by swiping the card with great ease on the reader on the bus.

Cost of Sayer Card

cost of Sayer Card

As for the cost of purchasing the card, the Sayer card price is only AED 5. This is inclusive of all fees and taxes and does not include the required balance.

Sayer Card Charges

The card in Sharjah is represented by three main categories as follows:

Recharge Cost Pre-paid Balance 
AED 50AED 45 
AED 95 AED 90 
AED 185AED 180 


There are three categories for the Sayer Card. The Gray, Blue, and White cards, which you will learn more about below. 

  • Gray Card: it’s a new type that offers you unlimited trips for 30 days, for only AED 225
  • Blue Card: the blue one offers a 25% discount on the main ticket. 
  • White Card: this is free of charge for the elderly and people of determination. Whereas they can use public transportation without any cost, it is valid for a year. 

Where to Buy Sayer Card


What distinguishes this smart card most from other cards is the ease of purchasing and recharging it. Through the bus stations scattered in the area, or through the driver on the bus.

Sayer Card Balance Check

You might be inquiring for now, is Sayer card recharge online available? And how to check Sayer’s card balance constantly? 

To answer the first question, you can’t check the card’s balance online as this service is not available. As for the second question, you can check the balance through the receipt which you will receive after paying the bus fare. However, we mentioned earlier that the grey card is unlimited and doesn’t need to be checked. 

Sayer Card Registration

You can register or know how to check Sayer card is registered or not by the following: 

  • Register to Mowasalat
  • Fill in the required information: 
    • Your full name
    • Date of birth 
    • Your address
    • Your ID number
    • The card’s number 
    • Your email address and phone number 
    • Pay the fee of AED 1 for registration 

Moreover, if you want to check the bus arrival time. Simply send an SMS of your bus stop number to 2272. Additionally, there more cards worth learning about, such as Nol Card and Masaar Card.

How to Recharge Sayer Card

Sharjah buses

You can recharge your card by the following: 

  • Ask the bus driver to recharge your card
  • Specify the value of the balance that you want to load the card with
  • Pay the required amount to the bus driver
  • Receive the card with the purchase receipt

What to Do if the Card is Lost?

If the card gets lost, you must report this by contacting customer service via the number 600522282. Provide them with your card serial number, and the card will be disabled within 48 hours. That is if you registered the card in advance.

bus in Sharjah

We presented you with the Sayer Card Sharjah guide. Along with the most important details and information related to it. Take more time and enjoy exploring more related topics, such as How to Go to Sharjah From Dubai. And Best Malls in Sharjah too. As well as reading some important and interesting topics in the Property Finder blog. 

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