Your Guide to E-Saqr Card

The United Arab Emirates has many innovations to ease the usage of public means of transportation across the different emirates. For instance, there is Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi and Nol Card in Dubai. As for residents of Ras Al Khaimah, they can use the E-Saqr Card which is covered in this detailed guide.

E-Saqr Card

Know About E-Saqr Card 

In 2022, RAK Transport Authority launched the E-Saqr Card to make using public buses more convenient. So, instead of searching for cash and getting into a messy situation, you can swipe your card and pay the bus fare. Furthermore, there are three types of this card suitable for all bus commuters.

E-Saqr Card Cost

First of all, there is no fixed cost for this card as the purchase cost differs depending on its type. In addition, bus fares vary depending on the route. Overall, RAK Transport Authority launched this card to add more diversity to its various electronic services. 

RAK bus

E-Saqr Card Types

Discover the types of this card below, along with their prices and categories. 

Blue Card

  • Category: This card is suitable for all commuters. It does not specify any category, so anyone can get it. 
  • Price: AED 30, AED 20 is the initial balance. 

Silver Card 

  • Category: It is specified for school and university students. It is also convenient for senior citizens over 60 years old. 
  • Price: AED 20, AED 10 is the initial balance. 

Do note that students desiring to purchase a silver card need an enrolment certificate. Moreover, holders of this card can use a 50% discount on all bus fares. 

Gold Card 

  • Category: People of Determination.
  • Price: There are no charges for this card. 

However, purchasing this card is free of charge, holders are still required to pay bus fares. 

E-Saqr Cards

Selling and Recharging Points 

If you want to purchase a card or recharge a previously owned one, then you can head to one of the places listed below. Do note that each card type has its designated selling and recharging points. 

Blue Card 

You can purchase this card from the main bus station counter. Also, you can buy it directly from any public bus driver. 

Gold Card 

On the other hand, Gold Cards are only sold at the counters at the main bus stations, so you will need to head there to purchase one. 

How to Purchase it? 

As mentioned before, you can purchase any card from its designated selling points. Do not worry, purchasing one is a piece of cake and is done quickly. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to the selling point. 
  2. Choose the preferred card type 
  3. Pay the previously mentioned fees 
  4. Immediately receive it from the counter 

Contact Details 

If you need to contact RAK Transport Authority regarding any other inquiries regarding the card or in case you lose your card, you can them out through the following number:

+971 800 1700

gold E-Saqr Card

Bus Fares Using the Card

Overall, the bus fares around the UAE are very cheap and affordable. When using this card, the average fare would be between AED 5 and AED 10 which vary according to the route. That is similar to Masaar Card, authorized by the RTA.

How to Use It? 

Holders of the card need to swipe their cards upon entering the bus. The automated system will deduct the amount from the card’s balance instantly. 

Ras Al Khaimah Bus Stations 

You can use this card in any of the various bus stations within Ras Al Khaimah. Such as: 

  • RAK Bus Station, Al Dhait
  • Al Nakheel Bus Stop 
  • 72 Al Thaqafah Street Bus Station 
  • Al Hamra Bus Station
  • UAE University Bus Station, Dafan Al Khor
buses in RAK

Finally, using an E-Saqr Card is very easy and makes using the bus less of a hassle. Moreover, check the Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah travel guide for easy commuting between the two emirates. Also, discover Sayer Card which eases using buses in Sharjah.

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