Your Guide to Hafilat Card Abu Dhabi

The public means of transportation in the UAE are always developing in order to ease residents’ and tourists’ experiences. Therefore, many innovations come up regularly to achieve that. Hafilat Card Abu Dhabi is one of those smart ways of easing the use of public buses for all. Discover here everything you need to know including how to get it, Hafilat Bus Card balance check and more. 

Hafilat Card

Know About Hafilat Card Abu Dhabi

Hafilat Smart Card allows its holders to pay electronically when using public buses in Abu Dhabi. Which is what other cards like E-Saqr and Nol Card do. Furthermore, it does so via an automated payment system installed within the Hafilat bus smart card machine around Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the Hafilat Card’s machine locations are in different areas in Abu Dhabi as follows: 

  • Al-Sila bus station
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Bani Yas bus station
  • Ghayathi bus station
  • Madinat Zayed bus station
  • Mussafah bus station
  • Shahama bus station
  • Al-Ain bus station


There are two types of this card; thus, there is a difference in the Hafilat Card price. This is the case for all public transportation cards such as Masaar Card. The types of Hafilat Cards are: 

  • Anonymous Hafilat Bus Card: AED 10 
  • Personalised Card: AED 5

How To Get a Hafilat Card

Where you will buy Hafilat Card depends on the type you’re seeking. The anonymous cards are sold at Ticket Vending Machines (TVM) and Lulu Hypermarket.

On the other hand, the personalised card is sold at Customer’s Happiness Centres. 

Hafilat Card Recharge

Hafilat Card Recharge

Furthermore, if you are wondering how to recharge your Hafilat Card, then note that it also depends on the card’s type.

There are various recharge stations for Hafilat bus cards which makes it an easy task. Anonymous cards are recharged at the TMV mainly and you can also visit the Darbi website for more locations.

Additionally, personalised cards are recharged at the TVM as well as at the recharge devices in intercity buses. 

Hafilat Card Recharge Online

In addition to the previously mentioned recharging stations, you can easily get your cards recharged online. you can recharge Hafilat bus card online through:

  • Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) – E-Services 
  • Darbi Website or Application 

How To Recharge Hafilat Card Online

If you are unsure how to recharge your card online or you want to know how to top up your Hafilat Card online quickly, find below the steps to recharge your Hafilat Card online: 

  1. Visit
  2. Fill out the card serial number
  3. Choose the amount AED 10 to AED 100
  4. Choose “Add to Basket” and proceed to the payment page
  5. Proceed with online payment

Finally, the balance will reflect on your card instantly or within the next 48 hours 

Hafilat Card Balance Check

Many people are unsure how to check their balance although it is quite easy. You can check your Hafilat bus card balance simply through the TVM. You can do so via the devices around intercity buses as well. 

 Hafilat Card machine

Hafilat Card Balance Check Online

Checking your Hafilat bus card balance online is similar to how you recharge it. Just follow the steps below: 

  • Visit and choose Recharge Card 
  • Enter your card’s serial number and click Ok 
  • The next screen will allow you to check your remaining balance and view your balance history too. 

Hafilat Card Passes 

The ITC issued the following passes for commuters, mainly so they can easily use public buses on a weekly or monthly basis. The passes for Hafilat Card are: 

Hafilat Card Pass Prices 
Weekly PassAED 30 
Monthly PassAED 80 
Senior Citizens PassFree
People of DeterminationPassFree
Students’ PassAED 500 

Many people prefer the Hafilat Card monthly pass as it’s reasonable and help you save money. Moreover, recharging your Hafilat Card for a monthly pass can be done easily via the steps mentioned earlier in the article.

Furthermore, note that the passes for students, seniors, and people of determination can be added to the personalised card only. 

Abu Dhabi Bus

Hafilat Card Prices

The prices for Hafilat Bus Card are as follows: 

  • Regional services: AED 2, additional 5 fils per/km
  • Express or intercity services: AED 2, additional 10 fils/km


What Should You Do if YourHafilat Card Is Lost? 

If you lose your card, there is no need to worry. Simply notify the nearest Hafilat Card selling point. Immediately, the card will be suspended as you can restore personalised card’s balances.

Nonetheless, you should note that there might be replacement fees. 

In conclusion, Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi makes traveling via public buses a lot easier. All you have to do is swipe it and you are good to go. Discover more cards on our blog such as Sayer Card.

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