Meet our Dubai Outstanding Agent for April 2017: we proudly present our first female winner of the Outstanding Agent Award, Angela Gegg from Edwards & Towers

As Head of Commercial for Edwards and Towers, Angela leads a team of dedicated and driven commercial agents, covering industrial, offices, and all aspects of retail. The GCC sales and leasing also falls under her wing. Angela is well known for her work in retail in the Dubai commercial market, as the leading retail specialist. Her retail deals range from hotels to malls, to schools, hospitals, plots and even down to the smallest of retail units, mainly occupied by individual owners and franchises. She also specialises in floors and building sales and rentals. She has the knowledge and expertise thus allowing her to guide and help clients with all their real estate needs.

In April Angela has finalised the sale of an AED 127,000,000 office with full commission, after 5 months of negotiations. The deal was extremely complex as it had leasehold ownership, so unlike the majority of broker deals in Dubai, this involved a deep understanding of long-term lease agreements, Musataha title and full-building management logistics, all of which Angela handled professionally throughout. The building is located in Dubai Internet City and is one of the premium single-owned office properties in Dubai, with an expected yield of 8% once fully leased. Angela has also retained the building on an exclusive basis to lease, so the deal will generate future revenue for Edwards & Towers.

Angela also closed the Headquarter offices of a very high profile UAE company – their details have to be kept confidential for the time being as the client is looking to further invest and take additional space but it’s clear Angela has fantastic negotiation skills and knows exactly what the client wants.

Q & A with Angela Gegg

Congratulations, Angela! What do you think contributed to your success in this particular deal?
Thank you very much! Having been in the Commercial World since the day one and being consistent with my work and clients has without a doubt contributed to my success. Consistency is a key element to success in Real Estate and also gives one the skills that they need to be able to broker deals as such. I have always been involved with every aspect of the commercial world which is far more complex than the residential world, and having this experience promotes success and loyalty in regards to my deals and clients alike.

What one thing do you do as a broker, to differentiate yourself from others?
As an agent, I don’t believe in 9 to 5. I am constantly in touch with my clients and always answer calls and messages, even after the clock. Most of my clients contact me late and expect me to be available for them and as an agent, I know that I must be on call 24-7. I have met many agents who turn off their phones in the evening and on weekends and don’t understand that as we are commission based so must be available for our clients. I am also very straight forward and don’t sugar coat things. I find that many people in the business are not honest and forthcoming and say things to their clients “just to close a deal”, I definitely do not operate like this.

As an experienced agent, what advice would you give to a broker who is new in the UAE property market?
I would tell anyone who is starting Real Estate that they have to be consistent and honest to their clients and have a strong sense of work ethic and drive to do well. I have seen so many people start in RE and give up after a few months, RE takes dedication and hard work. I also think that it’s important to be loyal to one company in order to remain focused and gain loyalty and trust, so many agents in town are guilty of what I call the “revolving door syndrome” jumping from company to company and I find that these are the agents who do not achieve much success so would advise any new agent to avoid this.

Tell us how we can better our services to remain your preferred digital marketing partner?
I think propertyfinder needs to expand their services to be more commercial friendly. While residential real estate dominates the market, it would be nice to have a tailor made commercial service that would suit the needs of commercial agents better 🙂

Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Dubai for…”
I love Dubai for giving me the opportunity to do what I love in a safe and happy environment. There is no place in the world like Dubai and I am grateful every single day for this beautiful country and the visionary leaders who have made it what it is today.

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