What’s the average price/sqft in Dubai’s most popular areas?

The updated RERA Index showed that rental prices per sqft have slightly raised but with the expansion of the residential market, there are more affordable options this year. We constantly hear of rental fluctuations and often think of rental prices in terms of number of bedrooms and location. However, square footage of the property also matters in terms of getting your dirham’s worth. propertyfinder.ae analyses average rent per square foot in some of Dubai’s most popular neighbourhoods.

Arabian Ranches: 82AED

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This area has always been known to be on the higher end of the rental prices. A 155,000AED/year villa with a total area of 1889sqft costs around 82AED/sqft. Although the starting price for villas has dropped from 2016’s 145,000AED, the average price per sqft seems to be going onwards in comparison to last year when the average price would not exceed the 75AED/sqft. Arabian Ranches however, still give renters a great value for their money compared to similar communities.

View villas for rent in Arabian Ranches starting from 120,000AED



image of JBR

Slightly costlier than Arabian Ranches (but offering a larger set of amenities and attractions), a square foot in JBR costs around 121AED/sqft in a studio apartment and 103AED/sqft in a 2-bedroom. Starting price however, has seen a drop since last year and now you can find apartments for rent in JBR starting from 78,000AED.

Dubai Marina: 97AED

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Dubai Marina is both good and bad when it comes to value for money. If you’re looking for a smaller apartment but in a decent size and affordable price, then Dubai Marina is probably not for you. Similarly to JBR however, if you’re looking for a larger apartment, then you have come to the perfect place. This is a place where you can find a 3-bedroom apartment for just 97AED per sqft.

View properties for rent in Dubai Marina starting from 53,000AED

The Palm Jumeirah: 98AED

image of Palm Jumeirah


If you count the luxury, amazing view, and proximity to the heart of Dubai, then 98AED per square foot is not bad at all, ain’t it? The Palm Jumeirah is highly recommended for those looking for quality.

View properties for rent on the Palm Jumeirah starting from 75,000AED

Motor City: 88AED

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An expat favourite, Motor City is one of Dubai’s most desirable communities. This residential community earns the five stars when it comes to value for money in terms of space.With prices that have remained steady since the year before, square foot ranges between 88AED.

View properties for rent in Motor City starting from 45,000AED


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