Best Home Office Design Ideas

As you probably know, working from home is not unheard of anymore. On the contrary, we all made a few adjustments at home to make space for a custom home office. The good news is that you get the chance to design for your home office, which is quite fun! 

home office ideas

If you’re looking for makeover ideas for your home office or are simply still planning brand new office space at home, read on.

1. Workspace

Your home office decor starts with your workspace! It all depends on the kind of space you plan to have for your office. Whatever the size, you could always design it beautifully and create a comfort zone to get those ideas flowing. 

home office decor

Check out these great home office ideas for a unique workspace:

Small Writing Desk 

If all your work requires is just your laptop, then a minimalist writing desk is the way to go. It’s a perfect small home office desk idea that compliments any room you choose to add it to.

Your best bet is a classic wooden desk with wall-mounted shelves above it for accessories or a few books, or both!

You can have it in a separate room, your bedroom, living room, basement, or possibly any part of the house you desire to get some work done.

ikea home office ideas
FJÄLLBO Small Writing Desk in IKEA: AED 195

Computer Desk 

If your work required a more bulky setup in terms of a desktop computer and everything that comes along with it, a computer-oriented desk is what you need. The best computer table design for your home is one that has storage space for all your electronics. 

A computer desk can take space so make sure you choose your office room wisely. Alternatively, you can easily embed it within the design of your living room if you don’t have a separate room for it. 

To save up on buying two workstations if needed, one of the best home office design ideas for two people is a double computer table placed at the corner of the room. 

decorating ideas for home office

Executive Desk 

If you’re looking to plan a workspace at home perfect to meet clients or work colleagues, an executive desk is an iconic design that never fades. 

This luxurious home office design idea gives you a prestigious look if that’s the effect you want out of your home office. 

home office furniture ideas

Wall-Mounted Desk 

Another word for a wall-mounted workspace is a floating desk. It is usually designed like this to save you some space. You could use a small chair and store it underneath the desk; how efficient is that?

A wall-mounted desk is pretty much the most creative home office space idea there is!

best home office designs
SVALNÄS Wall-Mounted Desk in IKEA: AED 275

Credenza Desk 

Are you thinking of a built-in desk idea for your home office? Then this one’s for you! Combining a sleek design of both a desk and a modern cupboard is usually ideal for living rooms. 

You have storage space, a place to work, and a design that completes the overall look of your home.

home workspace design
Small Desk with Storage in Pan Emirates: AED 1,795

Work Table 

Are you tired of the overall look of a desk? If it reminds you too much of being at the office, then you might want to think about a multi-purpose work table. This home office furniture idea looks quite chic and you can use it for various purposes. 

simple home office design
GERTON Double Work Table in IKEA: AED 1,165

2. Chairs 

What you are sitting on as you work is something you should put a lot of thought into, especially if you tend to work long hours at home. Here are a few great options to choose from:

Ergonomic Chairs

These are the most popular types of chairs for any office and if your work has completely transformed to working from home, investing in one is a great choice. Ergonomic chairs have extra support to your overall posture as you sit for lengthy hours. 

Ergomon 360 at AED 1,480

Executive Chairs

A match for your executive desk, these chairs savour the prestigious look and the support you need for your body as you work. 

They can be more on the expensive side, but a wonderful investment nonetheless if it suits your home office interior design needs.

modern small home office ideas
Eagle at AED 870

Small Swirling Chairs

Small swirling chairs are perfect for small writing desks or computer tables. They serve the purpose you want them for and don’t take up much space. They are among the effective home office decorating ideas on a budget.

home office concepts
Airo Minimalist Mesh Chair at AED 455

Guest Chairs 

As the name suggests, these chairs satisfy the purpose of accommodating your home office guests. Usually placed on each side of the front of your desk, they are comfortable enough for the length of the meeting. 

modern home office decor
Promax Visitor Chair at AED 850

3. Storage Units 

If you’re after the best home office layout, the third aspect you need to consider is storage. 


You may have a lot of files, notebooks, books, or papers you need close by, so storage shelves on the wall will be easily accessible. A mini-library on the wall in front of you as you work is a cool home office idea as well.

home office decorating ideas on a budget
Floating Wall Shelf at Home Centre: AED 59

Wrap-Around Cabinets

Why go small when you can go big? Imagine making use of the entire wall behind your desk by installing customized wrap-around cabinets and shelves. They make for a modern look and you have space for literally everything. 

A home office library design idea is the best; you can take breaks and read a good book! 

creative home office space ideas


Avoid the messy drawers by using organizers inside and try to hide your wiring within the drawers to keep the outside of the desk looking as neat as possible. 

4. Walls

You can’t really consider a home office concept without thinking about the walls, can you? Here are a few ideas for a gorgeous home office wall decor:

Paint Colors

The choice of color for your walls can really help increase the level of your productivity when you’re working from home. Consider the following paint color ideas for the home office and thank us later:

  • Beige/grey
  • Off-white
  • Earth green
  • Coral
  • Yellow
  • Light blue.
home office paint color ideas


Wallpaper ideas for your home office are quite endless, but here are a few tips for you. Don’t go for patterns that are too “loud” in a sense. Crowded patterns will have you distracted and losing your focus.

Choose light hues and peaceful patterns that work well with a simple home office design. 

home office wallpaper ideas

Wall Art

Hanging wall art works well in every room in the house, but you can get extra creative with this one for your dream office at home.

Get your inspiration for a home office design from your favorite motivational quotes, hanged in front of you. Alternatively, create a beautiful series of family photos and hang them up there for a glimpse of happiness while you work.

Wall Art at Home Centre: AED 74

Cork Wall

Are you one of those people who need everything hung around them to remember? Whether studying or working, if yes, then you might consider changing one side of the wall closest to your desk to a cork wall.

A cork wall will serve as your very own massive notice board. You can hang all the important papers with notes on them, doodles, calendars, and even a few photos. It’s a little bit old school, but some of us still enjoy this as opposed to going digital.

home office decorating tips

5. Lighting 

Lighting is very important to complete your modern home office decor. Check the below options to fulfill the right amount of light you need: 

Natural Lighting

Ideally, you want to choose a location for your home office that has access to as much natural light as possible. A spot nearest to the window or balcony will make a world of difference for you.

home office furniture ideas

Desk Lamp

A desk lamp will serve as a more focused source of light. Referred to as task lighting, the desk lamp is easily adjusted to wherever you need it to be.

home office design inspiration
KVART Work Lamp in IKEA: AED 45

LED Light Spots

You can add LED light spots to the ceiling or to your bookshelf for extra brightness to your home office.

great home office ideas
TIDIG Ceiling Spotlight in IKEA: AED 145

Floor Lamp

A standing floor lamp can be positioned right near the desk if you don’t want a desk lamp to take up too much space. It can also be adjusted easily as you wish, perfect for a modern small home office idea.

modern home office decor
LERSTA Floor Lamp in IKEA: AED 65

Ceiling Lamp

It is the go-to lighting in any room. Make sure you choose a design that complements the rest of your home office furniture design.

home workspace design
Ceiling Lamp in IKEA: AED 185

6. Accessories

The last thing to consider for decorating ideas for your home office are the accessories, the final touch that brings the room alive.

Charging Station

Leave your phone or ipad charging away neatly in their own space as you work.

Tiny Artificial Plants

Bring up the overall feel of your home office with a choice of plant accessories and you will be in a great mood to work.

large home office ideas

Pen Holder

Your pens and pencils don’t have to be scattered around the desk.

File Holders

You can organize all your files and folders into their specified holders to make it easier on yourself to reach.

best home office designs


If your shelves are open-ended, bookends will help keep you books straight up with no hassle.

Seat Cushion

If your chair is not comfortable enough, get a specialized seat cushion for a more comfortable work feel.

Tea or Coffee Corner

Do you have space in your home office remaining? You can use it as your personal tea or coffee corner, whichever keeps you alert and focused! This home office idea for large spaces is pretty useful throughout your work day.

You can easily create any of these home office ideas at:

  • IKEA: 800 4532
  • Home Centre: 800 694 663
  • Workspace Dubai: 04 344 0009
  • Pan Emirates: 800 726
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There you have it, your very own home office decorating tips from Property Finder for a fruitful productivity at home!

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