Best Islands in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a charming city, and a huge part of its charm lies in the fact that it’s an island city. You’d be surrounded by beautiful shores just a few steps away from home. 

The UAE capital also features numerous islands in and off its mainland—more than 200! They are among the most stunning in the world and we’re here to tell you all about the best islands in Abu Dhabi to visit. Read on. 

Islands in abu dhabi to visit

1. Yas Island 

This one requires no introduction! It’s the most popular island in Abu Dhabi thanks to its plethora of entertainment options that could last a lifetime.

Its main attractions include Ferrari World, Yas Marina Circuit, Yas Beach, Yas Waterworld, and Du Arena. Fun is an understatement!

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yas island abu dhabi


Yas Island is about 20 km from Downtown Abu Dhabi.

2. Saadiyat Island 

Saadiyat Island has the best of both worlds! If you’re looking for culture, there’s no better place than where Louvre Abu Dhabi is. Take a stroll inside and live the vast history, and don’t forget to marvel at the museum’s architecture during sunset.

If you’re a beach addict, Saadiyat Beach is one of the best beaches in the UAE. The island has residents and visitors flocking to its beach all week thanks to the crystal clear waters and smooth yellow sand.

You will also be accompanied by turtles on a beach day; how cool is that?

saadiyat island abu dhabi

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Saadiyat Island is located close to Downtown Abu Dhabi; it can be reached in about 7 minutes by car. 

3. Hudayriat Island 

A destination that’s all about fitness and entertainment, Hudayriat Island aims at the young at heart. The most thrilling of all Abu Dhabi islands offers a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities to guarantee a good time.

Circuit X is the talk of the year, offering a BMX Park, Splash Park, Skate Park, and Rope Park. There’s also a Bike Park on the island for cycle enthusiasts, various courts, and Hudayriat Beach.


Hudayriat Island is just across from Abu Dhabi’s popular Al Bateen Beach.

4. Jubail Island 

Abu Dhabi has a few hidden secrets! How would you like to visit a mangrove heaven? Jubail Island is a stunning destination that’s all about nature and true serenity.

The island has gained popularity for its many water activities and being home to a beautiful array of mangrove trees. We know you will fall in love with it, you might even consider moving there!

jubail island abu dhabi

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Not too far away, Jubail Island is nestled between Saadiyat Island and Yas Island. 

5. Zaya Nurai

Looking for the perfect vacation getaway from Abu Dhabi? Zaya Nurai fits the bill and it’s only 15 minutes away by boat!

Zaya Nurai is popular among UAE residents and tourists as one of the best island resorts in Abu Dhabi, comparable to the Maldives!

The entire island resort features 32 rooms for guests, which means privacy is what you’ll find. Zaya Nurai is popular among honeymooners.

zaya nurai island abu dhabi


The island is just off the coast of Abu Dhabi. If you’re wondering how to get to Zaya Nurai from Abu Dhabi, it’s just a 15-minute boat ride away.


Prices start at AED 2,900 per night for one room in a beach villa.

6. Happiness Island 

Abu Dhabi’s resort islands never cease to amaze, and Happiness Island is another example you really shouldn’t miss.

Here’s a destination that’s all about chilling out and relaxing; it’s a private island in Abu Dhabi where feeling happy is the ultimate goal. You have a beautiful infinity pool, jacuzzi by the sea, and various watersports.

If you get a little hungry, you and your loved ones can dine in one of the two restaurants available on the island. 


Happiness Island is just off the coast from Saadiyat Island and can be accessed via a quick speed boat ride.


Prices of staying in the resort start at AED 1000 per night in a two-bedroom villa. 

7. Dalma Island 

A destination full of history, Dalma Island is an island off Abu Dhabi that’s considered one of the oldest inhabited places in the UAE (more than 7,000 years). There you will truly get an authentic taste of Emirati culture.

Dalma Island used to be one of the most important pearl diving and fishing spots in the country. It also has a dormant volcano for you to explore; this will be quite exquisite for nature enthusiasts.

dalma island fishing


Dalma Island is about 40 kilometers from the shores of Abu Dhabi.

8. Al Maya Island 

Abu Dhabi’s blue waters offer yet another fun island where you can take a much-needed break with your family and friends. Al Maya Island is owned and operated by Abu Dhabi Country Club, featuring many top facilities for all visitors.

Al Maya Island is considered among the top islands in Abu Dhabi and one of the biggest with lots of amazing activities. It’s ideal for beach camping and glorious bbq nights. Beach villas are available for rent if you prefer a long vacation as opposed to one-day trips.


It is located about 9 kilometers from Abu Dhabi. The island is accessed via shuttle boat, included in the price.

Ticket Price 

Entry fees are priced at AED 100.

Villa Prices

  • One-bedroom villas: Starting AED 1400 per night + VAT 
  • Two-bedroom villas: Starting AED 2500 per night + VAT 
  • Three-bedroom villas: Starting AED 3600 per night + VAT. 

9. Sir Bani Yas Island 

You will find that Sir Bani Yas Island is one of the best islands around Abu Dhabi and it’s not to be confused with Yas Island. Sir Bani Yas is a nature reserve and home of luxury with three Anantara resorts for the pampered soul in you. 

You can also opt for a day trip to the island and spend it on the lookout for breathtaking wildlife—more than 13,000 animals live on Sir Bani Yas Island.

sir bani yas island abu dhabi


It is located about 170 km from mainland Abu Dhabi. You can head there by boat or via a Seawings seaplane for more excitement.


  • Day trip package: Starting AED 500.

10. Dolphin Island 

A stretch of sand in the middle of the water is what you can expect at Dolphin Island. Many local tour companies offer a day trip where you can spend your time snorkelling.

You’ll be quite lucky if you spot our friendly flippers, but either way it’s a beautiful place to unwind.


Dolphin Island is about 170 km southwest of Abu Dhabi.

11. Al Maryah Island 

Home to a financial centre, this island is a less crowded version of Abu Dhabi’s mainland. Al Maryah Island is well-known as a business hub, but that doesn’t mean entertainment is lacking.

Home to 2 luxury hotels, Four Seasons and Rosewood Abu Dhabi, it’s the perfect getaway to leave all stresses behind.

maryah island abu dhabi


Al Maryah Island is located in Abu Dhabi and directly connected to Al Reem Island.

12. Al Reem Island 

The skyline of Al Reem Island is quite hard to miss thanks to its majestic Gate Towers, with a design that’s an inspiration of the Stonehenge.

Al Reem Island is known as a waterfront residential area and it is also home to various educational institutions. It is set to be quite the tourist destination when Snow Abu Dhabi opens its doors. 


Reem Island is located about 600 metres just off Abu Dhabi coast. 

reem island abu dhabi

Maybe it’s time for some island-hopping adventures in Abu Dhabi! Now you know all the best ones, so what are you waiting for?

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