New Projects in Dubai that Will Blow Your Mind

Have you dreamed of living in Europe or the USA? Do you wish to wander around in the streets of Italy or France? I have good news for you. Dubai is planning – and Is actually half-way through – to become an international country, with global standards, that is visited by the whole world. Currently, there are multibillion-dollar construction projects taking place in Dubai to ensure that it will remain a top universal destination. Here we have some of the hottest projects that are yet to be completed.

New Projects in Dubai

1. Dubai Stars

We all know the famous Hollywood Boulevard with the top celebrities having their own special star on the floor of that walkway, with celebrity names on them, but not all of us are able to make it to Hollywood. But if Hollywood’s a far destination for you, don’t worry because Dubai is about to fulfill your dream by creating the entertainment project, Dubai Stars, that resembles Hollywood Boulevard, and it is set to launch in Downtown Dubai. 

There will be 400 stars revealed in the first phase, however, the planned total number is 10,000 celebrity stars. Dubai Stars is among many new projects in Dubai will have a great effect on attracting tourists, consequently enhancing the country’s capital.

Emaar is the developer of this project and it is expected to come to life in October 2019.

Dubai Stars

2. Cityland Mall

Dubai does not stop going for the next big thing. Yes, they have the biggest malls, yet they want to achieve even more. Cityland Mall is one of the Dubai upcoming projects that are unique in every way. It is the first nature-inspired mall stocked with floral landscapes.

Cityland Real Estate Development is the company behind this entertainment project. It is the same company that created Dubai Miracle Gardens and Butterfly Gardens. It is expected to bloom by the end of 2019.

Cityland Mall

3. Floating Venice

One of the most amazing new developments in Dubai is Floating Venice because it’s simply bringing the majesty of Italy in the heart of the UAE. It is basically a floating resort that will be built near the World Islands, and it is referred to as “the world’s first luxury underwater vessel resort.” It will be divided into 4 sections or decks in which one of them will be underwater. 

Austrian developer Kleindienst is behind this terrific entertainment project which is scheduled to be open by the end of 2020.

Floating Venice

4. The Tower

If your expectations are higher than Burj Khalifa, this project will satisfy your aspirations. It is set to be the world’s tallest tower, which is something that will definitely tempt loads of tourists to visit. They decided for its name to simply be, The Tower. 

Since Emaar manages most of Dubai future projects, no wonder it is the one behind this. It is expected to be ready by 2020.

The Tower

5. Museum of the Future

Bored from the present? Curious to see the future? Well, prepare yourself to travel to the future with one of the new construction projects in Dubai, Museum of the Future. Let’s start first by talking about this architectural beauty that impresses the eye and soul. The design is completely different from any other museum; it looks like a spaceship or an artistic piece from the future. The museum features Artificial Technology aiming to enable the future for the best of all humanity. It is currently under construction by BAM International and will be one of 2020 Dubai projects.

Museum of the Future

6. Mall of the World

You are still to see the largest shopping mall in the world when this project comes to life. Different from any Dubai construction projects, Mall of the World is intended to be huge in every way combining shops, the world’s biggest entertainment park, and hotel rooms. It is one of the ongoing construction projects in Dubai run by Emaar, and it is to launch in 2020.

Mall of the World

7. Bluewaters Island

This place is for you to escape the city with its hustle and bustle, and to entertain your eyes with an amazing scene. Bluewaters Island is one of the under-construction projects in Dubai. It is the world’s biggest surrounded-by-water observation wheel. It is placed on the waters of Dubai Marina area. It is shared among residential, retail and entertainment areas. The island was constructed by ASGC and expects its first citizens in 2019.

Bluewaters Island

8. Deira Islands 

One of the coolest upcoming attractions in Dubai is Deira Islands. This amazing artificial island that combines hotels, a beach resort, residential towers, malls and many other attractive projects to transform Old Dubai into a modern, world-class island. It is currently under construction by Nakheel Properties and should be completed by 2020.

Deira Islands

9. Dubai Steps

If you are an athletic person, this project is for you. Dubai Steps is one of Dubai new building projects that will truly stand out in terms of architecture and design. Its design is mainly stairs that reach up to 500 steps to the top. It has rest areas every 100 steps that will give people a chance to observe their surroundings. While construction has started, it is not yet clear when it will be finished.

Dubai Steps

This was a list of the new projects announced in Dubai, and we hope that you have found what interests you among them. If you’re a Dubai citizen, prepare yourself for loads of visits. If you’re not, book your ticket now; you have a lot of places to go to.

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