Dubai CommerCity in a Nutshell

Are you thinking of starting your e-commerce business in Dubai? If yes, then we have good news for you. The emirate has a new freezone destination for e-commerce businesses which is Dubai CommerCity. 

It’s an ideal spot to establish your company. Surely, you want to know more about the project; that’s why we gathered all the information for you; just have a look below. 

Dubai CommerCity

1. What Is Dubai CommerCity?

Dubai CommerCity is the first freezone venue for e-commerce businesses in the country. Its main goal is to offer you a matchless business atmosphere with high-end facilities and world-class services.

In this outstanding city, you can rent your own office and warehouse from the numerous sizes and designs available. Besides, once you rent you can take advantage of its beneficial services that will help you in managing your business.  

2. Who Is the Main Contractor of Dubai CommerCity? 

Dubai CommerCity’s main contractor isWasl Asset Management Group; it has a venture  with Dubai Airport Freezone to establish such a one-of-a-kind city. 

3. Where Is Dubai CommerCity Located?  

It’s located at 11, 17th street, Umm Ramool, Dubai.  

Dubai CommerCity’s location is a unique one as it’s in a center spot which is close to Dubai Airport so the deliveries arrive in a shorter period of time. 

4. What Are the Nearby Attractions to Dubai CommerCity?

There are various distinct attractions close to Dubai CommerCity’s address. Check them below: 

  • Dubai International Airport: 7 minutes away
  • Marsa Al Khor: 7 minutes away
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone: 13 minutes away
  • Jebel Ali Port: 40 minutes away. 

5. What Are the Nearby Communities to Dubai CommerCity?

There are a number of unique communities that are close to Dubai CommerCity:

  • Dubai Festival City: 8 minutes away
  • Mirdif: 15 minutes away
  • Downtown Dubai: 15 minutes away
  • Ras Al Khor: 19 minutes away. 

If you want to rent near your new work, then search in one of the above communities as they are the best. 

You can check the available properties for rent in Dubai Festival City or the units in Downtown Dubai on Property Finder. 

6. What Are the Services at Dubai CommerCity?

Dubai CommerCity offers you various distinguished services which will ease so many aspects of your business:

Fulfillment, Warehousing, and Last-Mile Delivery

This one enables you to store your products in specially designed warehouses which work with a smart system. 

  • Safe storage 
  • Smartly designed warehouses 
  • Dedicated fulfillment center
  • Multi-client fulfillment center
  • Top shipping companies like DHL and Hellman
  • Shipping, picking, packaging, and returning your goods.

E-commerce Technology Platform and Services

All the consultancy you need to start your ecommerce business is available at Dubai CommerCity. You don’t have to worry as with each step there is an experienced team who is there to support. 

  • Web developers
  • Online trading experts
  • Branding specialists
  • E-commerce platform specialists.

E-commerce Strategy Consulting

After finishing the initial steps of building your website and so on, you should plan for your business strategy and how it’s going to work. Dubai CommerCity offers:

  • Consultant staff in e-commerce strategies to make things clearer
  • Experienced team for abroad business planning 
  • Various courses in the work fields.

Customs Consulting

The customs are full of details and information you need to know to avoid any issues. They will guide you in: 

  • Important paperwork
  • Processes of customs.
Dubai commerce city

7. What Are the Main Components of Dubai CommerCity? 

The main components of Dubai CommerCity project are three clusters: 

Business Cluster

This one consists of 12 office buildings which are surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There are various areas and designs of modern offices, built according to world-class standards for an ideal working environment. 

Logistics Cluster

It includes different sizes of warehouse storage spaces to fulfill the needs of various businesses. 

Those warehouses are operated by Dubai’s e-commerce city partners. They use the latest and ultra modern logistics technologies. 

Social Cluster

It’s time for a break! The last cluster is home to a number of cafes, restaurants, open spaces, and art galleries. It’s your gateway whenever you want to disconnect from work for some time. 

Besides, it includes display centers for businesses to show their products, halls for fashion shows and conferences. 

ecommerce city Dubai

8. What Are the Advantages of Dubai CommerCity? 

There are many advantages that make Dubai CommerCity an ideal spot for initiating your ecommerce business. 

  • No currency limitations or restrictions 
  • No income or corporate tax 
  • You will have full ownership of your business 
  • There are professional and well-trained teams for your support and assistance in each step 
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly systems. 

This e-commerce freezone in Dubai is your dream and a matchless destination to finally establish your own online company. 

9. How Is Dubai CommerCity Sustainable and Eco-friendly? 

There are different aspects and techniques used while constructing and designing Dubai CommerCity, ensuring it’s a totally sustainable and eco-friendly one. 

This is to support the goal of the UAE in reducing its carbon percentage. Check below to know how they achieved the sustainability of the city:

  • Solar energy is used instead of electricity 
  • Reducing the water waste by 40% through its treatment and reuse
  • Using environmentally friendly building materials 
  • Building green areas that cover big spaces of the city. 
Dubai commercity project

10. Can Investors Invest in Dubai CommerCity?  

Yes, definitely they can. Dubai CommerCity welcomes any investor who is looking for a promising atmosphere to invest in.

It’s an unmissable chance especially if you’re an expat as through this step you can get the investment visa in Dubai

Ecommerce freezone Dubai

11. What Are the Types of Licenses at Dubai CommerCity?

Dubai CommerCity features 6 kinds of licenses to choose from while registering your business. 

1. E-commerce License

This one enables you to trade services and goods online. 

2. Trade License

You can make trading activities that are mentioned in your license like importing, exporting, re-exporting, storing specific products, and distributing. 

3. Service License

If you have a service-oriented business, then this type of license suits you the most. It allows you to provide the services clarified in your license. 

4. General Trading License

By getting this type of license, you can trade in general activities and works like export, import, and distribution. 

5. Freelance License

You can offer different services but it should be specified in your license.

6. Dual License with DED

This suits you in case your company is registered with the Dubai Department of Economic Development. With this license, you can trade without a physical office on Dubai’s mainland. 

Dubai commercity license

12. How Can You Apply for an E-commerce License at Dubai CommerCity?

You can get the e-commerce license through a few simple steps from Dubai Airport Freezone or Dubai CommerCity:

  • Choose the company type 
  • Find an attractive name for your company (trade name) and get approval for it
  • Submit these documents:
    • A copy of investor’s passport
    • No Objection Certificate (if under sponsorship)
    • A copy of UAE residence visa (if available) 
    • Investor profile 
    • Any other requested documents.
  • Prepare the draft for Memorandum of Association and the share certificate 
  • Pay Dubai CommerCity license’s cost and finally you can obtain the license from the authority.

13. What Are the Types of Companies Supported by Dubai CommerCity?  

There are 3 types of companies offered inside the city:

  • Free Zone

If you want to build a startup at Dubai CommerCity for the first time, then this type is for you. It has a maximum and minimum number of shareholders; in addition, there’s a minimum capital required. 

  • Public Liability Company (PLC)

This type suits you in case you are willing to offer or list the shares of the company on a securities market. 

  • Branch Office

This one is ideal if you’re planning to expand your business and open another branch. 

dubai commercity (dcc) free zone

14. How Many Shareholders Are Required to Establish Your Company? 

The minimum number of shareholders to establish your company is 1, while the maximum number is 50 shareholders.

15. What Is the Minimum Share of Capital Required to Open Your Company?

The minimum share of capital required to open your company is AED 1,000.

16. How Can You Set Up Your Business at Dubai CommerCity?

You can set up your business at this smart city from anywhere as the process is through its website. Here are the steps:

  • Open the website 
  • Click Business Setup 
  • Then fill the form and click Submit.

There’s currently an Early Birds offer which gives you a 50% discount on business set up; hurry up before you miss such a chance. 

17. How Much Is the Cost of Setting Up Your Business? 

The cost of setting up in one of the Dubai CommerCity clusters differs according to the type of your business. It offers you a flexible pricing model with different packages and prices according to the size, nature, and activity of the company. 

Besides, you’re provided pricing solutions like pay-as-you-go in addition to customized packages to suit the needs of individual businesses.

Dubai commercity license cost

18. Can You Buy an Office at Dubai CommerCity? 

No, you can’t; however, you can rent one as long as you need. 

19. Can You Rent More Than One Office In Dubai CommerCity?

Yes, sure you can. Dubai CommerCity enables you to rent different offices with the same license so you don’t have to get one for each office. 

20. What Are the Opening Hours of Dubai CommerCity? 

Here are the opening hours of Dubai CommerCity (DCC) free zone:

  • 7:30 am – 3:30 pm on weekdays
  • Weekends are off 

21. What Is the Contact Information of Dubai CommerCity? 

Surely, you can reach Dubai CommerCity through their contact number for any inquiries whenever you need. 

Now you know everything about the new Dubai CommerCity in Umm Ramool; it’s simply a perfect choice to start your e-commerce business, so don’t hesitate in choosing it. 

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