How to get your move in/out permit in Dubai

All Emaar properties require residents to obtain move in/out permits


We have previously covered a checklist of things to do before you finally move out of your home, and one of the main items on the list is getting a move permit from your building’s administration. The following is everything you need to know about moving permits, where they are required and how can you obtain them.

Communities and areas that require move in/out permits:

Reasons why buildings require move in/out permits: 

In November 2013, Emaar issued a circular announcing that all properties it has developed will now require residents to obtain move in/out permits. The developer said the decision came for the following reasons:

  • Smooth access into the community for new residents.
  • Current contact information for all residents is kept up-to-date.
  • Information is available on assistance required for any resident with special needs in cases of emergency evacuation.
  • Site supervision of any move (in or out) takes place to ensure that any damages that might occur in the common areas are recorded and rectified promptly.

In addition to the points mentioned above, the permit also ensures that all services fees have been paid by the landlord before the tenant moves in or out.

How to obtain the permit:

Click here for Emaar move in/out application form and the documents required to obtain the permit, or email:

Once the form is submitted to Emaar, the company would take 5 days to process the request and issue the permit. This is why residents moving in and out are advised to submit the form five days prior to their moving date.

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