Ideas on How to Organize Baby Dresser

Knowing how to organize baby dresser is very important. Whether you are a new parent or not, you surely should know that organizing your baby’s dresser makes your life easier. 

Not only does it keep things tidy and neat, but it also helps you move faster and reach things easier, which is exactly what you need when you have a little baby. 

How to Organize a Baby Dresser? 

There are many items you need to store in a baby cabinet such as clothes, onesies, towels, diapers and more. Learn here the best way to organize a baby dresser along with other great tips for your baby’s nursery room. 

Baby cabinet

Organize Baby Clothes in Dresser 

Babies have tons of clothes – from onesies to pajamas in addition to outdoor outfits. As a mum or dad, you know that the number of your little one’s clothes will only increase as they grow. 

Therefore, it’s good to find a smart system to organize your baby’s clothes. If you are unsure of how to organize baby clothes in dresser then we divided the organizing methods into 3 main ones: 

Folding clothes

Folding baby clothes properly saves a lot of space in their dressers; some clothing pieces cannot be but folded, such as sleepwear, onesies, and undergarments. 

In addition, you can use little wicker baskets to help you sort out pajamas, outerwear, summer clothes, and winter ones. You can also use large transparent storage boxes so you know what is where without having to go through each box every time you need something. 

Hanging clothes 

Many mums prefer to hang their babies’ clothes, however, it’s only necessary for a number of clothing items, not all of them. For instance, clothes made of 100% cotton can be easily folded as you don’t have to worry about them getting wrinkled. 

You will mostly hang outwear like jackets or formal matching sets because you don’t want them to get wrinkled up. Moreover, hanging works best for a baby girl dresser because naturally baby girls have a lot of dresses that need to be flat and smooth. 

Furthermore, there are many hanger options out there that add a cute touch to baby dressers and cabinets. Some have cute little bunnies on them, and others can help you categorize clothes by age.

Door Organizers 

This is a smart hack for rooms with limited spaces. We all know those door organizers that come with many pouches, and commonly, they are used for shoes. 

Baby Dresser

But how about we put a creative spin on them and use them for little baby clothes rather than shoes? This sounds pretty good and practical; they will come in real handy in storing jammies, onesies, little towels, and cute little matching sets for your baby. 

Use a Changing table 

You don’t have to store everything in your baby cabinet, especially when you have limited space. Rather, use furniture that is both practical and can give you additional storage room. 

A changing table provides you with exactly that. It is not only a place to change your baby’s diaper, but it can also be a place to store many other things for your baby, like towels, bathing essentials, wipes, cotton swabs, and diapers. 

In addition, a baby changing table and dresser might come with a whole set of drawers so you can store skincare products for babies and more clothes. 

On the other hand, you can find a 2 in 1 dress that is also a bath. For instance, the Brevi lindo baby bath and dresser allows you to bathe your baby while also storing towels, bathtime toys, shampoo, and more so they are at the reach of your hand. 

Consider a Drawer Baby Dresser 

Many furnishing places offer customers a wide collection of baby furniture. For example, many parents love the IKEA baby cabinet as it is both nice and extremely convenient. 

Such a baby-changing dresser comes with 4 medium drawers and 4 big ones, making it an ideal choice. Besides, you can organize your baby dresser drawer using mini baskets or drawer dividers that are adjustable in size. 

Finally, you can get your baby a table-changing cushion or a heavily padded changing mat to use on top turning it into a baby-changing dresser; this is a very convenient and smart option! 

Organize Baby Toys 

Normally, you would store your baby’s toys in their cabinets, but how can we do so while also keeping the cabinet neat and tidy? The answer is simple: large fabric toy chest. 

You can fill it up with your baby’s favorite toys and place it on the bottom shelf of your child’s cabinet. Also, remember to use baby safety cabinet locks so you won’t find toys scattered around all the time. 

toys cabinet

Don’t Forget to Baby Proof 

Finally, knowing how to organize your baby’s dresser is important, but you must remember the baby safety cabinet locks to keep them safe.

Some baby cabinet locks are built-in, while others need to be installed. Many mums worry about baby proofing because they think installing it is hard. Fortunately, you can baby proof cabinets without drilling or needing to use complicated methods. 


Finally, it is very easy to know how to organize baby dressers perfectly. It just needs a minute’s work and everything will be in place! If you are interested in such topics, you can check best kids’ room decor ideas article.

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