Meet our Dubai Outstanding Agent for June 2017, Akhil Chimnani from Raine & Horne

We are delighted to name Akhil Chimnani from Raine & Horne our latest Outstanding Agent. Akhil closed impressive 36 deals in June alone, totaling to approx. AED 19.2 million in sale value and AED 2.4 million in rental value.


Akhil’s transactions in June included:

Skyview Tower, Dubai Marina – 11 apartments sold

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Le Presidium, Silicon Oasis – 1 apartment sold

ART XV Tower, Business Bay – 22 apartments rented

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Liwa Heights, Barsha Heights – 1 apartment rented

Anantara Resort & Spa, Palm Jumeirah – 1 apartment rented


Q & A with Akhil Chimnani

Congratulations, Akhil! What do you think contributed to your success?

Building relationships with my clients, and getting to know them on a personal level. I work with my clients and educate them on the market trend and realistic expectations, this helps me achieve the best result in a shorter period of time. Persistence and determination were key factors, the deal fell through multiple times before it was successfully completed. Finally, my team and especially my Managing Director, Mr. Sanjay Chimnani, backing me up and providing the right support and guidance.

What one thing do you do as a broker, to differentiate yourself from others?
I put myself in my client’s shoes and service them as per how I would expect to be serviced myself. Finding common ground with my clients and attempting to establish a relationship is something that is very important to me.

As an experienced agent, what advice would you give to a broker who is new in the UAE property market?
Service and customer care are the key aspects of succeeding in this industry. Investing time in building relationships will make you successful in the long run rather than focusing on just closing the deal in front of you. A career in real estate has uncapped earnings but it doesn’t come over night, patience and drive are other critical aspects of making it within this industry.

Tell us how we can better our services to remain your preferred digital marketing partner?
A better reporting system indicating our performance and providing relevant data which would assist to achieve higher quality listings, to have them sit higher on the page.

Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Dubai for…”
I love Dubai for the city it has become, and it is now a place I call home. I have been in and out of Dubai for the past two decades and have seen it grow, storey to storey, tower to tower. I believe Dubai is in the making of being the next New York, promising to be more than just a concrete jungle. The meticulous planning that has gone into building this city, which delivers a high standard of living for its residents, along with establishing unparalleled tourist activities makes this city different from any other. Apart from the incredible opportunity it provides in various industries, it is a melting pot of different people & cultures. It is hands down the best city I’ve lived in around the world.

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