Law on wheels: Abu Dhabi launches first mobile court in the UAE

Law on wheels

The capital has rolled out its first mobile court aboard a double-decker bus.

According to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, the mobile court will make it easier for people that cannot make it to the city’s main courtroom to attend trails, such as those with special needs. The 4.5-metre-high and 14-metre-long bus is fully equipped for trials, with enough room for judges, prosecutors and clerks. The top level will be dedicated to administration and public inquiries. Electronic equipment on board is also linked with the department’s information systems, so that it can register cases and take fee payments. The three large displays on-board will serve as information portals for members of the public.

The mobile courtroom that was recently inaugurated in a ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, has been launched as part of the emirate’s efforts to provide world-class judicial services. As part of the initiative, the double-decker bus will travel across Abu Dhabi visiting schools, universities and residential areas to raise awareness about judicial procedures.

Mobile courtroom

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