Meet our first Northern Emirates Outstanding Agent winner for March Saqib Khalil from Excellent Home Real Estate

Saqib Khalil from Excellent Home Real Estate has built his company up over the last two years, he is now being recognised for his passion, dedication and success.

I have not come across a more sincere, hard-working and professional agent. Ajman is a small market where agents tend to share the stock and commission, so working together is key. Saqib has created strong working relationships with other real estate companies and I feel this is why he is so successful as an agent and as a company.

Kriti Paul, Account Manager, Propertyfinder


‘Never give up, no matter what!”

Saqib Khalil, Owner Excellent Home Real Estate


Q&A with Saqib

Saqib Khalil moved to Ajman from Pakistan two years ago. Within this time he’s started up his own real estate company. With his determination and relationship management skills, his company has grown into a successful and noted organisation. Propertyfinder is proud to acknowledge Saqib’s achievements and present him with the first Awesome Agent award for the Northern Emirates!

What do you think contributed to your success on this deal?

Propertyfinder is the reason behind this success and the success of my company. Previously I was with a competitor portal. I signed up with Propertyfinder and never looked back.

What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from other brokers?

I stay with my clients throughout the entire process, I believe very strongly in after-sales care and I feel this is the reason why my clients always refer me and my company, Excellent Home Real Estate.

What do you think makes a good agent in the UAE?

To be a successful agent in the UAE you need to be hardworking, knowledgeable about the changing market, persistent, and build strong relationships with your clients and other brokers.

How has Propertyfinder helped your company win in the digital marketing space?

Propertyfinder has educated me in how to create successful listings and to think like my customer. Now I can offer my clients a full-service experience.

Propertyfinder leads are more genuine than any other portal in the market, this has helped me build up a strong and trustworthy company.

Finish this sentence, I love Ajman because…

I love Ajman because it is up and coming. With the migration of people from Sharjah and Dubai it’s becoming more cosmopolitan.


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