How to make noise without being noisy in Dubai?

Advise residents nearby that your event will be a bit noisy

Nobody likes excessive noise, whether it’s neighbours next door or in your building, a raucous club nearby or even just honking drivers on the streets. Most of us can forgive a once-off transgression but ongoing disturbances become a real problem for the community, especially if the noise goes on beyond 10pm.

Dubai Municipality states that all outdoor events and venues with loud music (or loud activity) must comply with the regulations in Article 75 of the Local Order No. 61/91. These regulations depend on the area you’re in and refers to activities between 7am and 8pm as well as from 8pm until 7am.

So, what level of noise is permitted and when does the noise have to be toned down?

For most of Dubai, permitted noise level during the day is 40-50dbA (7am to 8pm), while at night, a level of 30-40 dbA is acceptable (8pm to 7am). As an example, noise around 50 decibels is equivalent to that of a car driving past or the hum of a refrigerator. The sound of a quiet classroom or library would be around 40 decibels.

noise level guide

However, if you’re in Downtown Dubai, noise levels are slightly higher during the day and at night — at 45-55 dbA and 35-45 dbA respectively.

Since most people consider 10pm to be the cut-off point for extra loud noise, it’s safe to say that from 10pm onwards, the noise level has to come down. If your event will continue long into the night, it should remain subdued until 6am. This is applicable to private gatherings and commercial venues playing music or where there will be loud noise in general. This is applicable throughout the year and no special treatment is given for weekends over weekdays. However, people may be more tolerant of noise on weekends.

Here’s how to file a noise complaint in Dubai

    1. First try the “softer” way – sometimes simply letting people know that their noise levels are excessive and causing disturbance is enough to put an end to the problem.

2. Should the noise still continue, you can contact Dubai Police on 999 or via the Dubai Police apps and report a noise disturbance.

It is generally recommended to advise residents nearby that your event will be a bit noisy and to provide contact details should noise levels become excessive. It is part of good neighbourly relations and encouraged by Dubai Municipality, Dubai Police and the Government of Dubai to enhance cohesion within the community.

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