The Outstanding Agent Award goes to… Waqas Nasir from Al Miraj Real Estate in Ajman — July 2019

Waqas Nasir is a qualified agent who specialises in the Ajman property market. He always makes sure his clients are satisfied. Read more to find out how. 

The Outstanding Agent Award goes to Waqas Nasir from Al Miraj Real Estate in Ajman

Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement, which is the reason why you won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award for Ajman.

I have rented out 10 properties worth AED 130,000 and I have sold two properties worth AED 460,000. Last month, I decided to focus on my listings and to refresh them daily, this is how I got a very good response rate on Property Finder portal. By the way, these sales and rentals deals I have made come from Property Finder portal. 

Tell our audience THREE things that set you apart from other agents and why they should give YOU a call when looking for a property in Ajman?

I would recommend them: 

  • To kindly follow up with their customers 
  • To value their clients and talk to them in a good way
  • To give them a quick answer, to be super reactive.

What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market, or are struggling to close their deals?

I would advise new agents in the market to refresh their listings and add new listings also. 

How long have you been using Property Finder? What are the THREE key benefits you see from being Property Finder’s client, and how do you use them to your advantage, as an agent?

I’m using Property Finder tools since two years now and I receive lots of leads thanks to this portal. Also, I mainly get serious requests from Property Finder which is really helpful. 

What does winning the Outstanding Agent award mean to you, and why would you recommend others to enter?

If you’re a real estate professional working in Ajman and looking for potential leads, I highly recommend that you get in touch with the Property Finder team.

Marwan Tariq, Account Manager at Property Finder with Waqas Nasir from Al Miraj Real Estate

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