Looking to rent in Al Raha Beach or Saadiyat in Abu Dhabi? Look no further, Carina Medronho is the agent for you.

Carina Medronho of MD Real Estate is a passionate real estate agent that puts her clients first, specialising in leasing properties in Al Raha Beach Area and Hidd Al Saadiyat. Read why Carina is Propertyfinder’s Abu Dhabi Outstanding Agent winner for June 2018.


Equipped with solid market knowledge and a client-oriented attitude, this is what makes Carina an Outstanding Agent in Abu Dhabi’s challenging market.

Mahmoud El Arnaout, Propertyfinder Account Manager – Abu Dhabi

A team player with a big heart, Carina prioritises her clients and her colleagues, and with a total of 13 leasing transactions in one month totalling nearly AED 2.5 million, her method certainly generates results.

Clients fall in love with her personality immediately and always find their home with her. Carina’s target is to find the perfect place with the perfect price.

Kika Pavese, MD Real Estate, General Manager

Q&A with Carina Medronho

Tell us about your first sale.

My first leasing is a really interesting story, it was a break of lease for a 2-bedroom apartment in Al Bandar. The tenants had just found out that they were expecting triplets, so not only did they need a bigger space they also didn’t want to lose on rent they had already paid. It was an unusual situation but I knew they needed my help. I did everything in my power to find a new tenant for the apartment and in the end I managed to do just that, I also secured a bigger apartment for them and their new family.

Property seekers are, of course, always after their ideal location, top of the line finishes, and all kept within a certain budget. How do you strike the balance to get them what they want?

I make sure to clarify the client’s requirements in order of priority, I then offer them the options that best fit their expectations. My goal is always to offer the client only what they need, I, however, like to suggest other potential areas the client may not have thought of, in this case I reach out to my colleagues to see if they have something suitable. I’ll do everything I can to get my clients what they want, even if I have to split the commission.

Any words of advice for someone looking to sell their property in Abu Dhabi?

I would advise the seller to get the right price per square meter and suggest advertising in no more than three real estate agencies. They should be aware that there will be negotiations on price and they should, therefore, choose a price accordingly.

How big of a role does Propertyfinder play in your job? What specifically do you use Propertyfinder for?

Propertyfinder is my partner, it is my best tool and where I focus a big part of my attention. Propertyfinder helps me get a clearer picture of the market, I use it for my listings and leads but also to get properties in collaboration with other agents.

What’s your favourite place to go for dinner? Brunch? On an adventure over the weekend?

The Barbeque restaurant at Emirates Palace is my favourite place for dinner. The restaurant is set on the beach with several individual gazebos and is child-friendly.

Why should house-hunters looking for their next home on Propertyfinder choose you as their agent?

Having me as their agent is having an ally, someone that understands their needs and will use all the resources available to find them the best options. I will guide them through the process of having their best interests at heart.

If you could ask UAE’s Ministry of State for Happiness for one thing, what would you request?

The UAE is one of the few countries that has a ministry dedicated to happiness, it shows how forward-thinking the UAE is. I have noticed, in my clients particularly,  a growing sense of insecurity about their futures for work and living in the UAE. More and more clients are uneasy with the annual rent payments and contracts. I would ask the Ministry of State for Happiness to direct their attention to this growing feeling and think of promoting monthly rent payments.


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