PF Special Report: which areas and price ranges did you search for the most in Q3?

Following up on our series of special community focus reports from Q3, we break down the numbers for you to help you better understand the real estate market trends of the past quarter. 

So which areas did you search for the most? What price ranges were you looking at? How many bedrooms could you afford to rent with your price range? 

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Which areas did you search for the most in Dubai? 


Q3 apartment location

According to our findings, the top 3 most searched for locations for apartment rentals in Dubai are:

  1. Dubai Marina. View apartments in Dubai Marina.
  2. Palm Jumeirah. View apartments in Palm Jumeirah.
  3. JLT. View apartments in JLT.

Although Dubai Marina leads the number of searches by almost 20%, retaining its usual top position, its percentage share has decreased this quarter allowing new communities to gain increased market share. Notably:


As for villa rentals, the top 3 most searched for locations in Dubai were:

  1. Arabian Ranches. View villas in Arabian Ranches.
  2. The Sprigs. View villas in The Springs.
  3. Jumeirah. View villas in Jumeirah.

It is interesting to note that Al Barsha has decreased its share of visits compared to 2015, allowing a steady increase for new areas such as JVT and JVC. View villas in JVC & JVT

This quarter also saw two areas making the list for the first time: 

Which price ranges were you looking at?

Price range

The top 3 most searched for price brackets on this quarter are:

  • 25% of our visitors searched for prices between 50,000 AED – 100,000 AED.
  • 24%of our visitors searched for prices between 100,000 AED – 150,000 AED.
  • 20%  of our visitors searched for prices between 150,000 AED – 200,000 AED.

What do we recommend? 

As building kicks off for Expo2020, stay on the look out for communities that boast affordable living and increased market shares. Communities such as Dubai Land, Dubai Industrial City, Dubai Sports City or Jumeirah Village Circle for example are gradually gaining popularity amongst our users.

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