Villas for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle

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About the many villas for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is a residential area in Dubai known for being designed in a radial formation which explains the ‘circle’ in the name. It is also a long running development by Nakheel which is still undergoing expansion. JVC as it is often known is located off Al Khail Road and near Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and is a place where affordable villas for rent can be found.

Villas for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle suit couples and families the most with 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom villas available. They range in style and design but are built with the local climate in mind so you can expect to be cool in summer and cosy in winter. At present, popular parts of JVC include the villas for rent in Alfa Residence and villas for rent in Seasons Community. Once the area is fully developed, there will be villas spread out over the entire neighbourhood with up to 13 green parks for residents to enjoy. With the development of more houses comes the need to build even more entry and exit points for the community and this ultimately adds to the accessibility of JVC.

The opening of a new mall nearby, City Centre Meaisem, has been very welcome by residents of Jumeirah Village Circle villas for rent as it gives them a much closer place to go shopping and enjoy great food. It has increased the demand in the area with more and more people looking for a relatively affordable, great looking Jumeirah Village Circle villa for rent. As the developer Nakheel’s plans to open The Circle Mall in the middle of the development with shops, restaurants and entertainment options, residents will soon enjoy some of the most comprehensive lifestyles that Dubai can offer.

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Why should you choose a villa for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle?

Master developer Nakheel has a vision in mind for Jumeirah Village Circle - one where the community is all encompassing, welcoming and a place you will love to come home to. The very design of the area is unique with its circular form and the way all roads lead to the centre where a community centre will be established. All villas are built with top end finishings and with many amenities being added every month, the Jumeirah Village Circle villas for rent become even more sought after.

When you sign up for a Jumeirah Village Circle villa for rent, it’s important to get your paperwork in order and visit a typing centre to get your EJARI certificate. The process for EJARI registration is simple and is part of the official process of recording your tenancy which is vital in the event you file a rental dispute case against your landlord. Also, be sure to check out the rental increase calculator to see if your rent can legally be increased.

Jumeirah Village Circle remains one of Dubai’s largest residential developments and one of its longest running ones too. It’s unique location, proximity to major arterial highways and amenities along with it’s excellent villas that are markedly cheaper than other similar villas for rent in Dubai make it hotly contested and in constant demand. When you see a villa for rent in Jumeirah Village Circle that you absolutely love, sign the dotted line quick as vacancies don’t last too long!