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All about the villas for rent in Al Barsha

Al Barsha, sometimes shortened to just Barsha, can be found in central Dubai and is home to the famous Mall of the Emirates with its indoor ski slope (Ski Dubai). It’s within reach of Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, has plenty of eateries, schools and hospitals. And it is also a place where a mixture of expat and Emirati families call home.

Al Barsha is a prized location because it has remained relatively affordable compared to other parts of Dubai, in particular areas nearby like Barsha Heights (formerly TECOM). It’s location is very convenient to get around Dubai and all the amenities and facilities you could want are all within reach.

For the most part, one can find established villas for rent in Al Barsha 1 and in the fast growing Al Barsha South (near Al Khail Road). Al Barsha 2 and Al Barsha 3 also have a fair share of villas. Rental villas in Al Barsha are mostly free standing and are designed with Arabian and European influences. As villa life is all about families, many villas have spacious gardens and backyards to enjoy and they tend to be upwards of 3 bedroom in size with many 5 and 6 bedroom villas for rent in Al Barsha. You’ll even find 7 bedroom villas if you need that sort of space.

Families in Al Barsha love the Al Barsha Pond Park which has a running track, loads of kids play areas, bike and buggy rentals and even some tuck shops for snacks and tea.

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It’s lovely green areas are especially relaxing in the cooler months. Al Barsha is also where one can find many schools like Dubai American Academy, American School of Dubai and a number of schools part of the GEMS group. The Al Zahra Hospital and Saudi German Hospitals are a short drive away with robust emergency departments should the need arise. All in all, Al Barsha is an all encompassing community with everything you could ever want just a stone’s throw away.

Whether you’re a new or experienced renter in Al Barsha in Dubai, it’s important to file your paperwork and get your EJARI registration as soon as your tenancy contract is signed. The government of Dubai then records it officially and gives you an EJARI certificate. All renters should also know how the rental calculator works so they can take the necessary steps if they ever received a rental increase from their landlord. Al Barsha is not a freehold area and landlords are exclusively Emiratis who want to keep their villas occupied and since renting a villa is a big undertaking, it’s important to keep good ties with one’s landlord.

Al Barsha is an excellent alternative to other areas of Dubai where the quality may vary and prices have fluctuated greatly. Villas in Al Barsha remain affordable and the area is so well located that you may find it very hard to live anywhere else!