Prestige Real Estate: why we switched to myCRM and never looked back


As one of the most respected real estate companies in the UAE, the whole team of myCRM (propertyfinder’s own CRM system) were delighted to welcome Prestige Real Estate as a client in March 2017.

Here, Managing Director Robert Villalobos, offers some brief insights into how Prestige has benefitted from switching to myCRM.


What made you switch to myCRM and how easy did you find the process?
We’ve been with propertyfinder since 2015 and have been very satisfied with the quality of enquiries we’ve been receiving since, therefore, moving to a CRM system that had been built by yourselves, the leading portal in the UAE, we knew that we were in safe hands. The switch from the old CRM to myCRM has been easy and we’re very pleased, with myCRM working fast, making my team more efficient!

What are the top three features of myCRM that you find most useful?
The first one is Trakheesi Validation where the system links directly to the land department and reminds us when the permit will expire. Secondly, overall usability as the staff is very likely to input all relevant data relating to properties, leads and owners if it is simple, easy and quick to do so. Finally, the low downtime from the listing being approved to it being live on propertyfinder is a real benefit.

MyCRM app: what do you find most helpful?

Having an app is amazing, and being able to WhatsApp clients property brochures direct from myCRM app is a big plus – especially in a market like Dubai, where WhatsApp is widely used by professionals to assist their clients!

How would you describe our Customer Service Team?
I’ve found the myCRM team very responsive, open to new ideas and very understanding to our needs.

And last but not least, what three things Prestige do to remain successful in the UAE real estate market?
First and most important – in-house training, second transparency and third consistency in delivering exceptional customer service. Our biggest challenge and success is continually adapting to the ever-changing UAE property market.



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