Pros & Cons: High floor vs. low floor

Do you want a good view or moving convenience?

Determining which floor or type of building you move into can be challenging as both options come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Find out what type of building suits you and whether you should look for an upper or a lower floor apartment.

Higher floors


  • Less noise

Not having to constantly hear car honks and playground noise is a blessing and one of the key advantages of living in higher floors.

  • Better View

No one could disagree that the higher the floor, the better the view. Think Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai and their magnificent nighttime views.


  • More privacy

Upper floors automatically mean more privacy and less interactions with curious neighbours and chatty security guards.


  • Disability concerns

If you or one of your family members have any disabilities, living on upper levels can be quite challenging, especially if the building is not properly equipped for residents with special needs.

  • Evacuation

Imagine having to run down 15 or more flights of stairs for a fire drill, or having to use the stairs in case of an electricity cut. Yeah, somehow the view becomes less appealing.

  • Moving inconvenience

Moving in and out of high-rise buildings can be a hassle. Keep in mind that not all furniture can fit into the elevator, so in case you’re planning on throwing it out of your 21st floor window, you might want to reconsider buying that huge sofa.

What did you say?

marina view

“I love living on the 17th floor, but I know many who would rather live on the first floor than have to wait for 15 minutes for an elevator every morning. If the view is really good, it’s totally worth it.”

– Dan, 28

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Lower floors



  • Moving convenience

Save yourself (and your back) a lot of pain and move into a lower floor if you’re planning to switch accommodation anytime soon.

  • Pet friendly


Even in the most pet-friendly buildings you would find that one person who dreads sharing an elevator with your four-legged friend. If you’re a dog owner, avoid unwanted tension with your fellow tenants and move into one of the first three floors and use the stairs. Give both of you and your dog a good dose of exercise!

  • Cheaper

Lower floor apartments are almost always cheaper than those on higher floors. So if you are not extremely concerned about the view, you should consider saving a couple of thousands and moving into a low-rise building.


  • Less privacy

Living on a lower floor leaves you with less privacy, but it also gives you a chance to make new friends in your building.

  • More noise

Families with young children almost always prefer to live on the ground/first floor, so be ready for plenty of echo in the hallways and try not to step on a tiny Lego piece on your way to the elevator.

  • Security concerns

Living on a lower floor means that your apartment is more exposed to strangers walking in and out of the building. Make sure the security in your area is tight and the night guard stays alert by offering him some coffee.

What did you say?

“People keep saying that higher floors have better views and what not, but I live in The Greens, and my second floor apartment has a stunning view. I wouldn’t trade that for popping my ears every time I take the elevator to the 30th floor.”

Carrey, 34

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