Retirement Visa in Dubai Ultimate Guide

As a resident of Dubai, have you completely fallen in love with the city? Do you ever think about retirement in Dubai and wonder if it’s possible? It may just be the perfect idea and it’s not far away anymore. 

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We’ve gathered all the details for you right here in this quick guide:

What Is a Dubai Retirement Visa?

The Dubai retirement visa is a long-term renewable visa approved for retired expats along with their spouses and children in Dubai. 

How Long Is the Duration of the Visa?

It is a 5-year retirement visa in Dubai with a chance of renewal if the requirements are still met after that time. Renewals are done online. 

How Old Should Eligible Applicants Be?

Candidates must be 55 years of age or above to be able to apply for the retirement visa. 

The applicant’s children must be within a certain age to be eligible: Less than 18 years old for boys and less than 21 years old for girls. When they exceed this age, they can apply for student visas. 

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What Are the Visa Requirements for Retirement in Dubai?

There are a few financial criteria for the “Retire in Dubai” scheme as follows; just one of them has to be satisfied: 

  1. The retiree must have a fixed income of at least AED 20,000 per month from pension or from last employer 
  2. Alternatively, they should have AED 1 M worth of savings 
  3. A third alternative is owning a real estate property in Dubai that’s worth at least AED 2 M and it should be unmortgaged
  4. You can combine the previous two points with a total value of AED 2 M at least, which includes a fixed deposit over 3 years and the value of the unmortgaged property.

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Can Non-UAE Residents Apply for the Retirement Visa?

Yes, this option is valid for those who are not currently residents of the UAE.

What Are the Documents Required for the Visa to Retire in Dubai?

You can check this list of documents needed for the application:

  1. Passport copies for both applicants and their dependents 
  2. Copy of the marriage certificate in the case of sponsoring spouses 
  3. Copy of current UAE visa for the applicant and dependents in the case of residents 
  4. Copy of Emirates ID for the applicant and dependents in the case of residents.
5 year retirement visa dubai

There are further documents required according to your chosen requirement as follows: 

  1. If you have a fixed income of AED 20,000 per month, you need: 
    1. Proof of retirement letter to prove your eligibility for Dubai retirement visa, which could be an end-of-service letter or a social services letter
    2. Proof of income source letter with the name of the beneficiary as well as date of the commencement of the pension
    3. 6-month bank statement from a Dubai-based bank.
  2. If you have savings that amount to AED 1 M, you will need the following
    1. Proof of retirement letter 
    2. Proof of savings letter from a UAE-based bank.
  3. If you own a property in Dubai worth AED 2 M without mortgage, you will need a copy of title deed for the property which must be in the applicant’s name, fully paid, not off-plan, and located in Dubai.
  4. A combination of savings and a property amounting to AED 2 M will require the following documents: 
    1. Proof of savings letter 
    2. Copy of title deed. 
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How Can a Candidate Apply for a Retirement Visa in Dubai? 

The application process for the retirement visa program in Dubai is quite a simple one, so you don’t have to worry! It is done online; here are all the details you need: 

  1. You send an email to with a filled application and all documents attached.
  2. You will be required to make a non-refundable payment of USD 25 via the link that will be sent to you; this is just a fee for processing and does not guarantee approval and it is the total cost of a Dubai retirement visa application.
  3. Once the payment is done, the documents will be looked upon and communication will take place in case any of them is missing.
  4. Your application will be forwarded to the responsible entity once it is internally approved at Dubai Tourism. 
    1. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) will handle an application of income and savings
    2. The Dubai Land Department will handle an application of properties.
Dubai retirement visa program for over-55s

Is Health Insurance Necessary to Apply for a Retirement Visa in Dubai?

No, you don’t have to have any medical insurance when applying for the visa. However, upon approval, a medical test will take place and you will be expected to buy medical insurance. 

Applicants with international medical insurance can use it as long as a letter is provided by the company ensuring that the UAE is covered under their plan. 

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If you’re over 55, this Dubai retirement visa program is your chance to retire in a country like UAE, where anything is possible.

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